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Lysistrata 06/23–07/09

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FERNDALE—Slipstream offers a new take on the classic Aristophanes play, Lysistrata, from June 17 through July 9.

Performances will take place Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays at 8:00 pm and Sundays at 7:00 pm. Tickets are $12, in advance only, and are available online at www.SlipstreamTI.com, by emailing InsideTheSlipstream@gmail.com.

In this fresh version of the raunchy comedy, Lysistrata is a washed up drag queen/performance artist who has decided to take on the politicians. He needs to cross the divide between the separated forces of the gay community: the old bitter queens and the young twinkies. He has come up with a brilliant idea and will stop at nothing to get the others to join him. He is determined to bring the community together and might be able to learn some things along the way. He is surrounded by hysterical friends and super-needy lovers. And a seedy politician.

The cast includes artistic birector Bailey Boudreau as the title character, with technical director and founding company member Ryan Ernst as The Councilman. Another founding company member, Steve Xander Carson returns as Myrone, the morose victim of having been eye candy for far too long. Miles Bond and Daniel Miller come back to the Slipstream stage in high-energy roles Caliente and Cinesias respectively. Brenton Herwat joins the company for the third time as The Chorus and rounding out the cast in roles tailer-made for them are Maxim Vinogradov and Jackson Abohasira as Stratyllis and Limpito.

The play is adapted and directed by associate artistic director Luna Alexander, with assistant direction by Victoria Rose Weatherspoon. Costumes are by Bailey Boudreau with the set and lighting design and execution by Ryan Ernst.

Talk about a tale as old as time, this story is as fresh and relevant today as it was over two thousand years ago. Aristophanes may have been writing for a very different era, but the idea of sex being used as currency has not changed with the times. No matter how much we have evolved or not.

The show is intended for mature audiences only.

Show Times

  • Jun 23, 2017

    6/23/17 7:00 pm

  • Jun 24, 2017

    6/24/17 8:00 pm

  • Jun 25, 2017

    6/25/17 7:00 pm

  • Jun 29, 2017

    6/29/17 8:00 pm

  • Jun 30, 2017

    6/30/17 8:00 pm

  • Jul 1, 2017

    7/1/17 8:00 pm

  • Jul 2, 2017

    7/2/17 7:00 pm

  • Jul 6, 2017

    7/6/17 8:00 pm

  • Jul 7, 2017

    7/7/17 8:00 pm

  • Jul 8, 2017

    7/8/17 8:00 pm

  • Jul 9, 2017

    7/9/17 8:00 pm

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