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The Detroit Musical 03/24–04/15

Planet Ant Theatre Hamtramck
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An original comedy penned by Mikey Brown and Shawn Handlon, The Detroit Musical follows one Detroit family through 300 years of the ups and downs of life in the Motor City. Performances are Fridays and Saturdays at 8:00 pm.

Tickets are $20 and are available online at planetant.com

When Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac lands his canoe on the banks of the Detroit River in 1701, he’s accompanied by Jacque LaMerde, a fur trader who plants his roots in the nascent city. And though the LaMerdes never achieve the fame of the Fords or Fishers, they do bear witness to the city’s landmark moments. This comedy features 10 original songs, and an assembly line of laughs, plus you just might learn something new about one of the great cities in the history of America.

The musical is directed by Shawn Handlon.


Show Times

  • Mar 24, 2017

    8:00 pm

  • Mar 25, 2017

    8:00 pm

  • Mar 31, 2017

    8:00 pm

  • Apr 1, 2017

    8:00 pm

  • Apr 7, 2017

    8:00 pm

  • Apr 8, 2017

    8:00 pm

  • Apr 14, 2017

    8:00 pm

  • Apr 15, 2017

    8:00 pm

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Theater Phone: 313-365-4948

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