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‘An Evening’ with two very funny men

Review September 06, 2013 Encore Staff

By Dana Casadei

In Cole Porter’s “Anything Goes,” there’s a song called “Friendship.” It begins with Moonface Martin telling Reno Sweeney that they should have teamed up years ago. To which she replies, “We’re two of a kind, all right.” Go Comedy!’s “An Evening with Fuller and Lark” is a lot like that song. Within the first few minutes the duo gleefully tells the audience that it’s finally just the two of them doing a show together, and quickly you’ll find out they’re definitely two of a kind.

“An Evening with Fuller and Lark,” which was written by the title men, Garrett Fuller and Bryan Lark, and director Pj Jacokes, comes in at a quick 75 minutes.

“You’ll know far too much about us,” Garrett tells the audience. With stories ranging from a very awkward first kiss, among a variety of other firsts, to what songs make Lark sad (and memories they bring up), you’ll learn more about them in 75 minutes than you probably know about some of your co-workers.

The duo bounce off each other extremely well, including a few times when their improv skills had to come into play. It’s easy to tell that they enjoy each other, they have been friends for 10 years, and that makes watching them all the more fun.

The show combines personal stories from Fuller and Lark with written scenes, transitioning smoothly between the two. At first the scenes felt a little random, but hold out for their last scene, which nicely ties everything together.

While some scenes were short and sweet – like when they play two women trying to come up with a scheme to get one out of debt – others felt like they were dragging. They took what were brilliant ideas for brief scenes, which were funny for the first minute or so, and made them go on and on. As much as I love an awkward senior photo shoot, I wish that scene had been cut in half, as well as a few others.

Some of the best moments are when the two are just talking to the audience, sharing their stories. When they each discuss the first ultrasound appointment they went to with their significant other, be ready to tear up. It’s the most poignant scene in the show, and can’t help but make you smile.

Tommy LeRoy’s set design added personal flair for both men. Each side was decorated with photos and other memorabilia, making the walls as individual as the two men on stage. Jen Hansen’s costumes had both in suits; easily adding wigs or key pieces to change the character. She also created an awesome Larry Bird costume for one of the gents.

Moonface and Reno sing that their friendship is “just a perfect blendship.” Garrett and Bryan also have a “perfect blendship” of a friendship.

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