Encore Michigan

Encore LIVE! – Season 7, Episode 1

Theater Talk August 01, 2015

Season 7, Episode 1: Celebrating Guy Sanville’s 20 years of artistic excellence Encore LIVE! returns for its seventh season of fun and informative podcasts with an in-depth discussion with Guy Sanville, who recently celebrated his 20th anniversary as artistic director of The Purple Rose Theatre Company in the picturesque town of Chelsea, Michigan. Hired by company founder Jeff Daniels in 1995, Sanville got his start at the popular, award-winning theater in 1992 when he was cast in the world premiere of Daniels’ “The Tropical Pickle.” “I felt like I’d found what I’d been looking for,” he recently told Jenn McKee of The Ann Arbor News. “I always knew that if I was lucky enough to find a creative home, I’d stay until they don’t want me anymore.” Apparently, he’s still wanted, as Sanville recently directed the world premiere of what promises to be one of the most ambitious and unique shows The Rose has ever attempted: “2AZ” by Michael Brian Ogden. Listen in as host Barton Bund talks with Sanville about the zombie thriller that’s currently delighting his audiences, as well as a number of other topics theatergoers and thespians alike will find quite interesting. But first, Bund and co-host Donald V. Calamia discuss the latest happenings at Michigan’s professional theaters.

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