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Encore LIVE! – The critics chat about The 2015 Wilde Awards (and more)

Theater Talk August 26, 2015

The 2015 Wilde Awards are just around the corner, and so host Barton Bund gets EncoreMichigan.com owner David Kiley and his team of critics together to talk about this year’s nominations. What goes into the decision-making process? Who decides who gets nominated? And who wins? And what the heck goes into those scorecards we’ve heard so much about? Join Bart as he grills Kiley, his usual co-host Donald V. Calamia, and participating critics from the 2014-15 season: Carolyn Hayes Harmer, Jenn McKee, Frank Anthony Polito and Bridgette M. Redman. And briefly joining them are new teammates Marin Heinritz and Tanya Irwin.

Plus, there’s a brief discussion on what’s new with EncoreMichigan.com!

Encore LIVE! – it’s like radio, but over the internet! A production of EncoreMichigan.com. Produced for EncoreMichigan.com by Barton Bund and Donald V. Calamia. Theme music by the World Famous Love Machine.

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