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Slipstream will celebrate Halloween weekend–of course!

NewsPreview October 23, 2015 Anne Kiley

As the nights grow longer, and the creeping chill of winter approaches, Slipstream Theatre Initiative invites you to help celebrate their favorite time of year! This Halloween, they are providing three delightfully ghoulish evenings to tantalize the senses and disturb the mind.   On October 29 and 30, celebrate Angel’s Night and Devil’s Night during the Slipstream Penny Dreadfuls: a collection of morbid curiosities and macabre spectacle. Allow them to take you on an unparalleled journey through the twilight hours with performances ranging from the unnerving to the truly terrifying.

On All Hallows Eve, October 31, in the spirit of the Family Addams, they will host their first Mamushka Masquerade! Start your devilishly enchanted evening at this masked event, featuring The Witching Hour. Inspired by the Moth, they will dedicate the highlight of the night to you- their patrons and fellow storytellers, inviting you to join them with your most nightmarish tale. Voted upon by the audience members, you’ll have plenty of time to be named and properly worshipped as High Witch or Warlock, before setting out to the myriad house parties!

This production features an ensemble cast of Steve Xander Carson, Ryan Ernst, Victoria Weatherspoon, Maya Gangadharan, Dan Jaroslaw, Jennifer Jones Jolliffe, Madeleine Hughes, Bailey Boudreau, Kaitlyn Valor Bourque, Jay Jolliffe, Laura Heikkinen, and Luna Alexander. This production is co-directed by Tiaja Sabrie, Steve Xander Carson, Victoria Weatherspoon, Ryan Ernst and Luna Alexander, with technical direction by Ryan Ernst. All performances start at 7:00 p.m., and ticket prices are only $12.

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