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Fjord Twins deliver the glitz and laughs at Go Comedy!

Review May 07, 2016 Amy J. Parrent

FERNDALE, Mich.–It’s hard to believe this is the Fjord Twins 50th musical revue. It seems like yesterday we were just enjoying their 49th revue. Or maybe that was yesterday. At any rate, Harmony and Simon are back, with their Greatest Glitz, an evening of song, dance, biographical tidbits, unexpected guest stars, and the sharing of TMI (way too much info) at Go Comedy! in Ferndale.

By now you all know the amazing story of these fraternal twins born three months apart; how they were left in an orphanage temporarily for a couple decades by their maniacally laughing dad. You’ve heard of their first separation when Simon went off to showbiz kid camp, and their reunion, with the storied career that has followed.

In this edition of their cabaret show, Harmony (who also goes by the name of Cara Trautman) takes a solo moment onstage. Per usual, Simon (aka Travis Pelto) is ever so reluctant to leave her, and the spotlight. It’s then she shares with us the story of a lost love (Des Walker) whom she met that long ago summer when Simon was away. Simon will also later echo this with an “ex” story of his own.

But we all know it’s these two who were meant to spend their lives together entertaining us. And they’re so close. Quite close. Think “Blades of Glory” siblings Stranz and Fairchild kind of close. How close? Let’s just say I’ll never look at a Baskin Robbins, in Boca Raton or elsewhere, the same way ever again.

Amidst this family drama, the duo pelts us with pop favorites along with their backup performers–the Solid Fjord Dancers ( the energetic Lauren Bickers and Garrett Fuller). The dancers also entertain us during costume changes, with terpsichorean interpretations of a horse and its master and other dance pieces even harder to describe.

The show also includes the obligatory salute to the troops; Harmony is fond of men in uniform and the USA. That leads to a clap-along tribute to uniquely American experiences: “Clap if you’ve ever been to a Walmart between 3 am and 5 am.

Vince Kelly has designed the twins’ ever-changing wardrobe as well as the golden backup dancers’ apparel.

A shout-out to supporting tech staff, such as the hardworking spotlight operator, and to the invisible “Pablo,” who will get the hang of that hanging mic one of these days. Let’s also mention the fine sponsors who bring you this show, including everybody’s favorite, Lime Jello. (Tagline: “Grandma, don’t bring it anymore.”)

Now some people might try to tell me this is all a fictional story; that all the antics of the pleasantly crazy singers were written by the leads and directed by Brian Lark (who supposedly plays Dad). But you and I know it’s real–as real as the Baskin Robbins in Boca Raton.

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