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Slipstream to present student showcase for theater companies August 20

NewsYouth/Family August 05, 2016 Encore Staff

Slipstream Theatre Initiative will present a student showcase for all interested theater companies and directors on August 20 at 8:00 p.m. They have noticed a surge in demand for younger actors, and are answering that demand by featuring students aged 12-18 from various middle and high schools around the area. Their parents will also be on hand for discussions after the showcase. The students have their choice between two contrasting monologues and a monologue and a song. There is no admission fee.

This is a mini-generals for pre-teens and teens. If you have questions, or to RSVP, email InsideTheSlipstream@gmail.com. The showcase should last roughly 60 minutes. Their theater only seats 30-35 people, so please RSVP immediately to ensure they can fit as many directors and parents as possible.

After the showcase, directors are free to meet and greet with the parents and students, discuss possible options for upcoming casting, and enjoy some time getting to know these talented students.

Photo: Licensed under Creative Commons; photo by Nate Pesce

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