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Pointless Brewery and Theatre opens improv one-act January 5

Preview January 05, 2018 Encore Staff

ANN ARBOR—It is a Friday night and you are looking for something to do. You can’t decide if you should get together with friends and play a game, or have a beer and stream a show. If only there were a way you could combine all of these choices into one.

Pointless’s newest show, Cue This brings the audience into the game of creating an improvised one-act show. The host brings a volunteer up on stage to spin the Genre Wheel, which will determine the style of the show. Next, audience volunteers randomly select sound and lighting cues that will be crucial to the story as it develops. The catch? The only thing the performers know is the genre; the rest will be a surprise to them as they are performing. No two shows are the same! This show stars members of the Pointless resident cast, the League of Pointless Improvisers.

Performers are Allyson Miko, Andy Reid, Corene Ford, Havah Roussel, Katie Parzych, Matt Swartz, and Matt Townsend. Stage manager is Peter Felsman, and direction is by Tori Tomalia and Jason Tomalia.

Performances will take place from January 5 through February 9, with two shows every Friday at 8:00 pm and 10:00 pm. Tickets are $12.00-$18.00 and are available online at www.pointlessbrew.com or by calling 989-455-4484.

Pointless specializes in Long Form Improvisation, a style of theatre in which the performers develop the characters and premise right on the spot, most often inspired by a single suggestion from the audience. The show format is pre-determined, i.e., an improvised sci-fi movie, or scenes based off of a monologue, but the content changes with every show. Long Form may weave storylines together with recurring characters and themes, or it may take the form of a string of scenes inspired by the initial suggestion. The focus of Long Form is on developing relationships and situations, as opposed to Short Form Improv, which emphasizes quick games with set rules. Ultimately, Long Form provides the audience an evening of entertainment akin to a one-act play, but a play that will only exist for that one moment in time, for that one audience.


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