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‘Enchanted Cabaret’ at Open Book this weekend for two performances

Preview February 07, 2018 Anne Kiley

TRENTON—Open Book Theatre presents two performances of Enchanted Cabaret on February 10 at 8:00 pm and February 11 at 2:00 pm.

Imagine that your favorite prince and princess are real people, and they’re not living under the sea or in an enchanted castle, but rather in your own town. They’re meeting at the local bar, and they’re struggling to find their happily ever after, just like you. The bartender is slinging drinks, the songs you know and love aren’t being sung by animated people with large eyes and animal sidekicks, and the happy ending is anything but a foregone conclusion. The cast includes Bianca Ashby, Jason Bowen, Wendy Krekeler, James Busam, Kryssy Becker, Joel Hunter, Richard Payton, and accompanist Ben Villaluz.

“From beginning to end I was smiling and laughing non-stop!” said Miles Bond, who saw the show in it’s recent successful run at Tipping Point Theatre in Northville, “What an incredibly talented group of people!”

Director Kryssy Becker says “It has been such a joy to create a story out of music I have loved so dearly since I was a kid. To get to perform it with some of Michigan’s hardest working talents, and at local theatres I am thrilled to support, is all cherries and sprinkles on top of an exciting and delicious sundae. I’m especially excited to put a Valentine’s Day twist on our show (the performances at Tipping Point Theatre took place on New Year’s Eve), because our story highlights the magic, mystery, and occasional misery of falling in love. We’ve seen it happen to heroes and fair maidens, but their hurdles to Happily Ever After are not unlike our own.”

Individual tickets are only $20, or $15 for students or seniors. Tickets can be purchased online at openbooktc.com or by calling the box office. More information can be found online or by calling 734 288-7753.