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Story-sharing theater from Black and Brown Theatre, at Ant Hall November 9 and 10

Preview November 08, 2018 Encore Staff

HAMTRAMCK—Black and Brown Theatre presents What Had Happened Was... Friday, November 9 and Saturday, November 10 at Planet Ant’s Ant Hall at 2320 Caniff St, Hamtramck. Both performances start at 8pm with doors opening at 7:30pm.

What Had Happened Was... is a new theater experience rooted in the idea that everyone in the community has a story to share and that all stories are stronger together. The first act consists of prompted questions to the audience to share their stories. As stories are shared, the actors on stage take notes and partake in real time demonstrations of the moments and the people that the audience mentions. Then an intermission is taken in which audiences can socialize, grab a drink from the bar, or spy on the actors, who remain on stage to prepare a sketch outline of a world premiere play based on the audience’s suggestions. When the intermission is over, the audience returns to their seats and watches a live, one-act play based on their suggestions, performed by actors from Black and Brown Theatre.

The format was inspired by Meggan Gomez, theater conservatory director at Working Classrooms in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Black and Brown Theatre met with Gomez following her visit to their production of Scarlet Letter this past spring and spoke with her about adapting the format to Black and Brown Theatre. Black and Brown Theatre worked under Gomez’ blessing to adapt this format specifically for Detroit audiences.

Black and Brown Theatre advisory board member and What Had Happened Was… performer Amber Price says, “What Had Happened Was… is Black and Brown people literally writing their own narratives, and inviting others along on the journey. It’s a theatrical act of inclusivity.”

For more information or to purchase tickets, please visit: www.BlackandBrownTheatre.org or follow Black and Brown Theatre on social media: @BandBTheatre.

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