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Open Book offers Sam Shepard’s ‘Fool for Love’; opens May 17

Preview May 08, 2019 Encore Staff

TRENTON—Fool for Love, Sam Shepard’s gritty and surprising love story will take the stage in Trenton at Open Book Theatre May 17-June 15.

Love stories aren’t always roses and chocolate and holding hands. Love can make us passionate and desperate, tender and angry, determined and forlorn. Sometimes all within the span of a few hours. Love can turn us into fools. The central characters, Eddie and May, are former lovers. The action takes place at a run-down motel in the Mojave Desert where Eddie has tracked down May and is looking to reconcile. Their passionate history and shocking secrets are slowly revealed.

The roles will be played by Jonathan Davidson and Krista Schafer Ewbank. Rounding out the cast are Joshua Brown, and Lindel Salow.

Director D.B. Schroeder says “in Fool for Love, Sam Shepard has crafted a relationship where both partners keep knocking the other off center, and the dynamics of their love become fascinating to watch.” Like magnets, May and Eddie come together and push apart.

Fool for Love is an American classic. The late Sam Shepard was well known for his acting in films, but theater fans know him as the Pulitzer Prize winning playwright of Buried Child, True West, Fool for Love, and more.

Schroeder adds “love can be filled with reunions and times one is left behind, we come together only to push each other apart.  With Fool for Love, we actually walk away seeing more of ourselves in the characters than we might like to, but love makes fools of each of us after all.” 

Tickets are $25 for general admission, $20 for seniors, $15 for students. Opening night tickets are $30, and include an afterglow celebration. All tickets are available by calling (734) 288-7753, or online at www.openbooktc.com.

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