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P45 Adds ‘Little Bunny Foo Foo’ for the kids in Traverse City

Review July 21, 2019 Tom Emmott

TRAVERSE CITY, Mich.–“Little Bunny Foo Foo…Hopping through the forest…Scooping up the field mice…And boppin’ ‘em on the head”

And so sings Sarah Elizabeth Keyes, who plays Little Bunny Foo Foo with such energy, precision, and execution, that it’s a wonder anyone else can
keep up.

This is her show and she proves it. Her body contortions alone
are enough to resemble a human pretzel. And her mouth never stops. It’s all a part of the wonderful writing by playwright Anne Washburn. And the title alone is enough to draw in any parent or grandparent with kids in tow.

Music is by Tony-nominated Dave Malloy. And the “kid” actors playing field mice were all cast in partnership with Old Town Playhouse Young Company. And they are the mice that Little Bunny Foo Foo wants to bop! They are a joy to watch, are unified, and having so much fun. They are grouped as Principal Mice, Ensemble Mice, and Baby Mice. And the directing credit goes to Katherine Carter.

And no kids’ show would be complete without a Skink (lizard), a Blue Fairy,
a Catmonster, a Fairy Chorus, and Gentleman Toads. Luke Klein as the
Skink, sings with purity. Maya Lagerstam shows of her vocal range with confidence as the Blue Fairy. And the Fairy Chorus–a trio of backup
singers made up of Dani Burke, Madison Hertel, and Hannah Eisendrath,
have…attitude! Maxwell DeTonge as the Catmonster plays a cat and mouse
game with nary a word. And the Gentleman Toads–Oliver Boomer, Rudy
Foster, and Theodore Huff–give the audience some very nice vocal and dance skills.

Jacey Barber’s costumes are a delight and especially that of Little Bunny
Foo Foo after her “magical” transformation. And speaking of magic. The
kids in the audience will be transformed into a forest of toadstools, large
sawed off tree stumps that serve as platforms, birch trees and a carpet of
grass, thanks to the design of Christopher Dills.

The Musicians, under the superb direction of Emma Weiss, play an intricate
part in not only the music, but the sound affects as well.

The new venue is the result of Artistic Director Erin Anderson Whiting and
Marketing Director Meg Worth. But as Little Bunny Foo Foo says…”let’s not
split hairs here.”

Little Bunny Foo Foo runs 60 minutes with no intermission and is for ages
3+. For ticket information visit parallel45.org

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