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Mind the Gap at Theatre Nova opens Pinter’s ‘The Birthday Party’ August 15

Preview August 02, 2019 Anne Kiley

ANN ARBOR—Mind the Gap at Theatre Nova offers Harold Pinter’s The Birthday Party running from August 15 through 25. The production features Larry Rusinsky, Fran Potasnik, Alexander Trice, Haley Cook, Adrian Diffey and Alan Madlane.

Mind the Gap is a European theater company that started producing plays in Luxembourg in 2001, working closely with the National Theatre of Luxembourg during the 2010 and 2011 seasons and in 2012 producing a joint production of The Birthday Party.

In Pinter’s play, Stanley is an unemployed resident of the shabby English seaside boarding house run by middle-aged couple Meg and Petey. One day, two mysterious gentlemen, Goldberg and McCann, arrive to stay in the boarding house. They seem to be looking for Stanley. Why? What do they want from him? As the day of their arrival happens to be Stanley’s birthday, the gentlemen insist on having a birthday party for him that same evening, but events take a very dark turn. Stanley’s birthday celebration becomes a nightmare.

Mind the Gap places special emphasis on plays written by English, Irish, Scottish, and Welsh playwrights, whilst also producing plays written in French, German, and Italian, offering audiences opportunities of hearing some productions in their original language.

Tickets are available online at www.artful.ly.

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