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Roustabout to haunt Ypsilanti with ‘The Great Lakes Ghost Project’; opens October 4

Preview September 26, 2019 Encore Staff

YPSILANTI—Roustabout Theatre Troupe has reached the end of their first full season, having put down stakes at the Ypsilanti Experimental Space, 8 N Washington St, Ypsilanti, for 2019. For their final offering, they’ll be presenting Joseph Zettelmaier’s Haunted: The Great Lakes Ghost Project. Performances run from October 3 through 20.

In 2017, Michigan playwright Joseph Zettelmaier began a journey across his home state. He set about to collect a wide variety of ghost stories, true otherworldly encounters by Michiganders from Milan to Marquette. From these stories came a devised theatrical piece, weaving tales of the supernatural with one person’s journey to answer the question that has haunted so many of us throughout our lives…Do you believe in ghosts?

The cast of Haunted includes Julia Garlotte, Alysia Kolascz, Dan Johnson, and Allison Megroet. The show will be directed by Roustabout’s Managing Director Anna Simmons, designed by Jennifer Maiseloff (set and props), Dustin Miller (lighting), Josie Lapczynski (costumes), Will Myers (sound and projections), and stage managed by Rebecca Godwin.

According to Simmons, “Michigan loves October and Halloween like few other places do. From the changing leaves to the cornfields to the abandoned lighthouses, Autumn is a favorite for many Michiganders. The goal of this play isn’t just to share ghost stories, but to show how much these stories are a part of our state.” Zettelmaier adds, “I opened up my website to submissions for anyone who had a Michigan-specific story to tell and was thrilled with the number and quality I received. They came from every corner of the state and some legitimately gave me chills.”

The show will be performed at the YES (Ypsilanti Experimental Space) in downtown Ypsi. “Ypsilanti has been an incredible home this year,” says Artistic Director Joseph Albright. “We’ve loved our previous experiences here, as well as how much the town has embraced our troupe. This play not only taps into the beauty and eeriness of Halloween, but the central ghost story of the piece actually took place in Ypsilanti!”

Tickets are available online at roustabout.brownpapertickets.com, or by calling (734) 681-0112.

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