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‘White Feminist’ comedy at UMS Feb. 3–9

Preview January 29, 2020 Anne Kiley

ANN ARBOR—As part of its “No Safety Net” theater festival, UMS offers White Feminist, Written and performed by Lee Minora and directed by Alice Yorke, from February 3 through 9 at the Video Studio in the James and Anne Duderstadt Center, U-M North Campus, 2281 Bonisteel Blvd., Ann Arbor.

Gender and privilege collide in this scathing comedy that will grab you by the pussy hat. As the host of a morning talk show, “Becky’s Time,” Lee Minora skewers and dissects the failings of non-intersectional feminism and the dangers of white women’s tears, putting the #MeToo movement, liberal guilt, and fake celebrity apologies into a blender and creating a concoction that is as absurdly hilarious as it is painfully true. With the cunning of a fool and the charm of a talk-show host, she unearths inadequacy and ineffectiveness in the face of huge social inequality. Teetering between oppressed and oppressor, Minora takes everyone to task, including herself, with a smile on her face and her middle fingers in the air.

Please note: This performance contains adult themes. Performance duration: 60 minutes.

There will be a post-performance artist Q&A after 2/3 opening night performance, featuring Lee Minora and Alice Yorke.

There will be post-performance community dialogues after all other performances. UMS will provide a space for audience members to reflect on, discuss, and analyze the performance they’ve just experienced. Conversations will be guided by experienced facilitators from the community, including Sharman Spieser, Equity Consultant and Community Collaborator.

Tickets are available online at ums.org.

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