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Listen To The Play: “The Crowded Hour: VE Day, The Day WW2 Ended in Europe.”

Feature May 08, 2020

DEARBORN, Mich.–Welcome to the world premiere of The Crowded Hour: VE Day, The Day The War Ended in Europe.

Push the play button above.

The Michigan Irish Repertory Theatre planned to premiere the historic play on the stage. But COVID-19 forced us to adapt so we could still produce it without missing the 75th Anniversary of VE Day.

If you would like to support the Michigan Irish Rep, please consider helping us out with the price of a movie ticket. Every $5, $10, $15 helps us and our future, and allows us to pay our actors at a time when they aren’t working much. This is link to our GoFundMe page.

This is the story of events leading up to and on May 7th and 8th, 1945. VE Day is marked on May 8, after the Germans surrendered to both the Allies in Rheims, France, and then to the Russians in Berlin. The dialogue and narrative is based on actual letters, news reports and scholarship by Sir Martin Gilbert.

These narrative details have never been brought to stage or screen. We are glad to be the first.

The play is written and produced by David Kiley, Artistic Director of The Michigan Irish Rep. Sound engineering is by Henry Kiley.

The cast is as follows:

Charles Kiley: John DeMerell

Ed Kennedy: David Kiley

Gen. Bedell Smith: Tony Amato

Gen. Dwight Eisenhower:  Mike Olsem

Kay Summersby (Eisenhower’s driver and secretary): Sarah Brown

Dick Underwood (Eisenhowerstaff driver): Ben Apostle

Walter Simpson (Eisenhower’s PR man): Alan Madlane

German Adm. Alfred Jodl: John DeMerell

Hans Georg Friedburg: Tony Amato

Winston Churchill: David Kiley

Josef Stalin: Alan Madlane

AP Editor Taylor: Jenna Kellie Pittman

AP Editor Frank: Henry Kiley

Concentration Camp Survivor: Jenna Kellie Pittman

German Woman: Sarah Brown

German Mother: Meg McNamee

German Broadcaster: Dan Morrison

German General Huffmeier: David Kiley

King George: Dan Morrison

Harry Truman: Tony Amato

Karl Brauer (Hitler Youth): Henry Kiley

German Jewish Refugee: Danielle Peck

Karl Donitz (German President): Mike Olsem

American GI: Ben Apostle

Renate Hoffman: Jenna Kelly Pittman

SHAEF Aide: Danielle Peck

SHAEF Orderly: Henry Kiley

Reporter Ernie Leiser: Ben Apostle

Radio Broadcaster: David Kiley

Narrator: Meg McNamee

Mike Olsem
Meg McNamee
Sarah Brown
Tony Amato

Tony Amato

Benjamin Apostle
David Kiley
John DeMerell
Henry Kiley
Danielle Peck
Alan Madlane
Jenna Kellie Pittman

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