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BLAQN to kick off podcast exploring racism in Michigan’s theatre community June 19

News June 18, 2020 David Kiley

DETROIT, Mich.–Black Literature and Art Queens Network (BLAQN) debut podcast “Black Queens on Stage” (BQS) is set to premiere June 19, 2020 and the show is starting off with a huge bang.

Along with a binge worthy list of 5 episodes to start off, Black Queens on Stage is also premiering a Facebook Live Zoom Conference episode featuring 7 black Michigan actors discussing the racial indiscretions they’ve faced and how Michigan Theatre can resolve it.

The Facebook Live episode is set to premiere June 19 (Juneteenth) at 12PM on the BLAQN Facebook business page (www.facebook.com/blaqshowmichigan). The featured panel is Dinah Tutein, Bryana Hall, Dan Johnson, Mike Sandusky, Jonathan Jones, and the CEO, Founder & Host of the podcast, Ashley M. Lyle.

The country is facing two major epidemics; COVID-19 and Racism. The recent murders of Beonna Taylor, George Floyd, Ahmed Aubrey, and the several recent shootings of unarmed black people have ignited the topic of Black Lives Matter into a much needed discussion and action by the public. One of the more in-depth conversations being had is by black Broadway actors coming forward to talk about the consistent racism they’ve faced. Videos and social media posts from actors have trickled into local theater communities and sparked the conversation about racism in local theatre. Michigan happens to be one of those communities.

“It’s a problem that has persisted way too long. Now is the time to say something. Strike while the iron is hot. Speak while everyone is finally listening,” states Ashley M. Lyle. Dinah Tutein added on to say, “We fight , not just for ourselves, but future generations who will be learning their way in the world.” “Now is the time for actual, actionable and transformative change in Michigan Theatre. I look forward to helping get the conversation started,” said Dan Johnson.

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