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Cast Your Production of Hate Mail with Tipping Point

News November 30, 2020 Encore Staff

NORTHVILLE, MI–Preston simply wanted to gift his girlfriend a snow globe of New York City after his visit. Too bad fate has other plans for him. One broken souvenir and a strongly worded letter requesting a refund later, he now finds himself in an ongoing battle via letters with one D. Markle from The Big Apple Shop. Could either one of them just let it go? Probably. Are they too stubborn to? Most definitely. Experience the drama and comedy these two polar opposites bring into each other’s lives in Hate Mail by Bill Corbett and Kira Obolensky.

Produced by Tipping Point Theatre, Hate Mail is their latest fundraiser streaming exclusively on Broadway On Demand for a limited time. Patrons can purchase their tickets starting November 23 and will have access to the show starting on December 31st. Once purchased, all performances will be available to stream for 2 weeks after the first performance date. The one time purchase of $40 includes not just one version of the production, but nine. 

Tipping Point Theatre’s Hate Mail offers audiences 9 different versions of the production by allowing the audiences to cast the production each time they watch it. “We can’t create live theatre like we usually do,” says Producing Artistic Director James Kuhl. “We have to find new freedoms within our current restrictions in order to engage an audience that has so much virtual entertainment available to them.  So we decided to give casting choice to the audience by producing it with 6 actors instead of 2.”  

The unique experience creates an opportunity for audiences to explore just how different a show can be depending on the cast. “One actor playing Preston can take a monologue broad and farcical, another might play it more reserved. Dahlia’s reaction and monologue that follows changes it even more. None of these 9 performances are the same. You’ll just have to watch them all.” This unconventional casting choice by Tipping Point also highlights that a romantic comedy is not restricted to just a man and woman.  With special permission from the playwrights, the 9 options include gender reversals of the roles to offer a variety of romantic relationships for any audience to identify with.  The play finds new life with every twist in casting that provides ample opportunity for patrons to see first hand how a show changes depending on the cast.

The theatre stresses that this isn’t the typical streamed zoom production. A more cinematic approach has been taken, asking the six local actors to self record under the direction of James Kuhl. “In order to ensure all health and safety precautions” says Kuhl, “the actors could not rehearse or perform in the same room.  So we embraced that and collaborated with the individual actors to choose and set up each new location, costume and lighting changes.  In editing, we added underscoring and a few other techniques to help heighten the experience for the audience, making this a hybrid theatre movie piece.” Kuhl also adds “Recorded theatre can never replace the magic of seeing a play performed live, but there is a lot of entertainment to be had with this unique experience.”

Hate Mail tickets go on sale November 23rd. For more information about the cast, production, and tickets visit www.TippingPointTheatre.com/hate-mail. Tickets may also be purchased directly through BroadwayOnDemand for an extra fee. 

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