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REVUE: Barn Theatre’s ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’ is one for the Ages

Review October 24, 2021 Marin Heinritz

AUGUSTA, Mich. – The Barn Theatre in Augusta is making people’s dreams come true in bringing their magnificent, fan-favorite rendition of cult-classic “The Rocky Horror Show” to the stage just in time for Halloween.

They’re doing “The Time Warp” again in this wickedly fun rock-and-roll musical comedy that parodies sci-fi and horror B-movies with this story of a newly-engaged conservative young couple who stumble upon a castle full of twisted characters who introduce them to the pleasures of fulfilling their deepest unexplored desires.

Rocky Horror is amazing for its longevity and how delightful and relevant it remains while also retaining its shock value and disregard for political correctness. It’s just the right combination of irreverence and high-spirited sexual deviancy that becomes normalized in this imaginary world with a cross-dressing criminal at its center.

The way we talk about gender, sexuality and identity, has changed dramatically since this story’s inception in the 1970s; and our definitions of acceptability and inclusion continue to evolve. And that’s what makes it all the more remarkable that this show keeps pushing boundaries and doing so with a rare combination of playfulness and darkness that folks just can’t get enough of.

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