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Penny Seats presents ‘Hard Body’ 8/11-8/26

Show Announcement August 11, 2022

ANN ARBOR, MI–The Penny Seats here is presenting Hands on a Harbody, the musical, from August 11 through August 26 in the Burns Park Shelter Area.

Hands on a Hardbody is a musical based on S.R. Bindler’s 1997 documentary film Hands on a Hardbody. The book is by Doug Wright, music by Trey Anastasio and Amanda Green, lyrics by Amanda Green.

Ten contestants vie for a “hardbody” truck in Longview, Texas. The last contestant who has his or her hands on the truck wins it. The truck is a Nissan “hardbody” pickup (on stage).[5] The lives of each contestant, along with the car dealer and a radio announcer are revealed during the “hardbody” contest.

Tickets are $15 adults; $12 seniors; $10 kids age 12 and under. (Due to strong language, parental discretion advised.) Get tickets here: www.pennyseats.org. Bring a camp chair or picnic blanket and bug spray.

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