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Apollo’s Troupe auditions for original production 03/31

March 07, 2019

Apollo’s Troupe

: Apollo's Troupe. A Story of Humanity Coming Together in Universal Peace.


March 14, 7:00 to 8:00 pm.

Location of auditions:
Jordan Mac Studios. 444 W Maple Rd, Suite E, Troy MI 48084.


To schedule an appointment:

Submit cover message or email through Backstage or email to frederickglaysher@gmail.com with professional resume and link to performance video.

Three Actors will perform two principal characters and vignettes of Don Quixote, Tolstoy, Black Elk, Chief Seattle, Du Fu, Robert Hayden, Fairy Queen, Vyasa, Job, Borges, Sogolon, Mimbarrda, etc.

Poets, shamans, seers, rhapsodes, griots, bard, troubadours, goddesses, priestesses, etc., East and West.

Selected actors will receive 2 sides provided, 3 minutes each.


$20 stipend per hour toward rehearsals (36 total hours) and performances (approximately 3 hours including intermission). 10% of ticket proceeds for each principal actor.

March 15 through mid April.

Mid to late April through July 20, 2019.

50th Anniversary of Apollo 11 landing. Apollo’s Troupe is partly set at the Apollo 11 site and around the world in various cultures and civilizations.

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