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Mason Street Warehouse holding summer season auditions 2/18

January 08, 2019

The Mason Street Warehouse is part of the Saugatuck Center for The Arts. This multiple award winning theatre, which operates during the summer season, is holding its auditions Feb 18 at Western Michigan University.

The season consists of In The Heights, Unnecessary Farce and Gentleman’s Guide To Love and Murder.

Mason Street Warehouse

: Summer Season


Feb. 18, 2PM-6PM


To schedule an appointment:

Appointments are primarily for students, but others are welcome to walk in/sign in and will be seen as time permits.

IN THE HEIGHTS: Seeking principals and ensemble actors/singers/dancers:

Usnavi de la Vega (20-30 Latino male) Neighborhood bodega owner. Eyes & ears of Washington Heights. Awkward, sincere, from Dominican Republic, funny, has a crush on the girl working next door. Narrator. Sings & moves very well. Excellent rapper.

Nina Rosario (20-25 Latina female). Fresh, smart, only member of family to make it to college-going to Stanford. Brave & strong but emotional & conflicted. Kevin & Camilia’s daughter. Demanding vocal role. Stong belt/mix to an E. Excellent mover.

Kevin Rosario (40-50 Latino male). Owns Rosario Car & Limousine. Camilia’s husband, Nina’s father. Born in Puerto Rico. Tradi- tional, hard-working, over-protective, loving father with a temper. Acts quickly w/o thoughts of repercussions. Strong singer & actor.

Camila Rosario (40-50 Latina female) Smart caring “business” half of the Rosarios. Takes care of the bills, cool-headed. Has a subtle but strong leash on her husband.

Dynamic singing actress who moves well.

Benny (20-30 non-Latino male, preferably African American) Strong, smart, masculine, works at Rosarios Car & Limo. Ambitious, urban, full of dreams. Handsome, has a crush on Nina. Strong singer/actor/rapper, good dancer.

Vanessa (20-30 Latina female) Sexy, hardened stylist at the salon. Troubled home life, wants to get out. Tired of the catcalls, looking for love. Beautiful, ethnic, definitely American. Strong belt/mix to an E. Strong dancer.

Sonny (18-25 Latino male) Usnavi’s cousin. Young, tough smart-aleck with big plans. Passionate to solve city’s problems. Needs guidance or risks ending up a punk. Strong comic actor & mover, good rapper. Plays a youthful teen.

Abuela Claudia (50-60 Latina female). Caring, supportive Cuban matriarch. Takes care of the young people. Plays the lottery. Wise, with strength, passion & a long memory. Powerful actress, singer and story-teller. Strong belt to a C.

Daniela (25-40 Latina female). Sassy Puerto Rican owner of the local salon. Loves to gossip & being “The Boss”. Tough. Rent keeps going up, so she’s moving to the Bronx. Great comedy chops & timing. Strong actress/mover.

Carla (20-30 Latina female). Bubbly, funny, Daniela’s sidekick and best friend. Sweet, religious, naïve & loving, devot- ed to her family & friends. Easliy taken advantage of. Strong belt mix. Excellent dancer, will be part of the ensemble.

Graffiti Pete (20-30 Any ethnicity, male). Local, slick graffiti artist. A little shady, but with a good heart. Wants to make a difference & make a living. Excellent hip-hop or break dancer. Sings well. Acro a plus. Will be part of the esemble.

Piragua Guy (20-25 Any ethnicity, male). Walks the hot streets of Washington Heights, selling piraguas (flavored ice) for a living. Represents a rhythm of the islands in the city. Bright, soaring tenor. Dances well. Part of the ensemble.

Ensemble: Men & Women of Washington Heights. (20-40, Any ethnicity). Diverse, well-rounded people of all shapes & sizes. Bring your own stories. Excellent part singers, able to dance hip-hop/contemporary styles. Acro a plus.


UNNECESSARY FARCE: Seeking principal actors:

Eric Sheridan (25-35 male). A bookish even-keeled police officer who’s thrown into some difficult situations – while not wearing any pants.

Billie Dwyer (20-35, female). Police officer. Eric’s partner. Although she seems to lack every skill needed for police work, she is enthusiastic and eager to succeed.

Karen Brown (25-40, female). An accountant who usually has a very professional demeanor, but seems unable to keep herself in control today.

Mayor Meekly (50-70, male). A sweet gentle fellow who seems very Innocent (with a capital I).

Agent Frank (25-40, male). Town Hall Head of Security. Although he can seem confident and even gruff, in moments of crisis he is easily reduced to a very frightened man.

Todd (40-50 male). Speaks with a pronounced Scottish accent. A professional hit man whose accent gets thicker the angrier he gets, until he’s completely indecipherable.

Mary Meekly (50-70, female) The Mayor’s wife. Small-statured, seems sweet natured & a good match for her husband.

A GENTLEMAN’S GUIDE TO LOVE AND MURDER: Seeking principal actors/singers:

The D’ysquith Family (30 -mid-50s male). A transformational comedic actor w/ a grasp of British farce, physical comedy & stamina. Able to carry a musical comedy without an ounce of hesitation. Plays 8 characters from the same family (intrinsic “English types”).

Monty Navarro (mid 20s – 30s male). Handsome, clever, charismatic, vulnerable, endearing, appreciates lifes’ ironies. Engine of the plot. Commands attention. Even while intent on killing his entire family, his charm garners everybody’s trust. High baritone with a strong top; solid low A – high A.

Sibella (20s – mid-30s female). Sexy, narcissistic, caluclating, irresistible, social climber, truly loves Monty & would do anything to protect him. Great wit & high style. Strong mover. Character mezzo, low F# to high A, belting not required.

Phoebe (early 20s-early 30s female) Pretty, romantic, earnest, strong, with a sense of irony & humor, innocent but so- phisticated. Coloratura soparano. B below middle C – high sustained C# with an optional high Eb. Very flexible & agile.


Woman #1 (30s – 50s female) Plays Miss Shingle, a Cockney housekeeper/governess who has served a wealthy, titled family for 30 years. Storytelling is paramount. Also plays Tour Guide, Pub Owner’s Wife, Mrs. Pebworth, 3rd Newsboy. A true character woman, Mezzo soprano G to high A.

Woman #2 (30s -late 40s female) Plays the unhappily married countess Lady Eugenia. Comically overbearing & mean-spirited. Adept at the biting quip & withering glare. Also plays Miss Hetherington, 4th Newsboy. Low F# – high A.

Woman #3 (mid 20s – mid 30s female) Plays Miss Barley, an alluring artist model. Also plays Sibella’s Maid, Hyacinth Colleague, Phoebe’s Maid, Hilda. Covers Sibella & Phoebe. G to high C.

Man #1 (20s – mid 30s male) Plays Tom Copley (aka Farmer), 2nd Clerk, Hyacinth Colleague, 2nd Newsboy, Actor, Ancestral Bust, Dr. Pettibone, & Guard. High baritone with a strong top, solid low A to high A. Covers Monty.

Man #2 (early 30s – 40s male) Plays Detective Pinckey with a featured number. Also plays 1st Clerk, Pub Owner, Mr. Cross, 1st Newboy, 1st Actor, Physician, 2nd Ancesteral Bust. Bass, low C – high G#. Covers the D’ysquith Family.

Man #3 (mid 20s – 40s) Plays The Magistrate, Mr. Goodsall, Actor, Mr. Gorby. The Magistrate has a featured number with Detective Pinckey. True tenor. Bb to high Bb.

Bring headshot with resume stapled to the back. Bring 2 short songs (1 chorus and 1 verse each) in the style of the show; it’s OK to sing from the show; you may be asked to sing only 1. Bring music book. Bring dance clothes for possible dance call later in the day.

Yes. SPT modified 8


ITH: May 29 – June 20; UF: July 9 – July 25; GG: July 30 – August 15

ITH: June 21 – July 14; UF: July 26 – Aug 10; GG: Aug 16 – Sept 1

Accompanist will be provided. Artistic Director Kurt Stamm and Producer Ellen Engle will be in the room with casting authority.

For additional info and contact: ellen@sc4a.org

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