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Outvisible holds season auditions 04/22

March 29, 2019

The Growing Stone by Peter Snoad (World Premiere)

Next to Normal, book and lyrics by Brian Yorkie, music by Tom Kitt 

Woke by Avery Sharpe

Speech & Debate by Stephen Karam

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To schedule an appointment:     https://www.outvisibletheatre.com/auditions

The Growing Stone (1f / 2m)

  • LUKE BARNETT – male – white – early 40s – a teacher, easy going, compassionate, very connected to indigenous culture
  • MATT BARNETT – male – white – mid 40s – LUKE’s older brother, a rich, high powered energy consultant, working through trauma
  • ENAJ BARNETT – female – white or biracial – 16 – LUKE’s daughter, wise for her age, must be a folksy-type singer who can self-accompany on guitar


Next to Normal (2f / 4m)

  • DIANA – female – early 40s – mezzo/belt – severe mental health issues, tumultuous, desperate to connect to her family
  • DAN – male – early 40s – high baritenor – genuinely trying to be the best father and husband possible but tired and weary
  • GABE – male – late teens / early 20s – rock tenor with falsetto and strong mix – bright, playful, seductive, ulterior motives
  • NATALIE – female – late teens / early 20s – soprano/belt with strong mix – contentious, perfectionist, angsty, piano skills a bonus
  • HENRY – male – late teens / early 20s – high baritenor – romantic, stoner, philosopher, sympathetic, supportive
  • DR MADDEN / DR FINE – male – 30-50 – high rock baritenor – psychiatrist, all charisma, total rockstar, super handsome


Woke (3f / 3m)

  • JESSE BLANCHE – male – 18 – white – has an incredible amount of charm; smart and knows it
  • ADRIAN STRONG – male – 18 – black – thoughtful and passionate; has underlying swag
  • MARTHA BLANCHE – female – white – mid/late 40s – overly affectionate and full of energy
  • FRANK BLANCHE – male – white – late 40s/early 50s – something about him says “All American”
  • TANISHA MCCOY – female – 18 – black – genuine and undeniably the finale of a fireworks show
  • NATASHA BOYD – female – 18 – black – outrageously sweet; has an aura that is calming with a dash of sass


Speech & Debate (2f / 2m)

  • SOLOMON – male – 16 – ambitious, honest, on a mission to expose hypocrisy through journalism
  • DIWATA – female – 18 – frumpy and off-kilter, fiercely determined, undeterred by her unpopularity
  • HOWIE – male – 17 – openly gay transfer student, put off by his new conservative, puritan town
  • TEACHER/REPORTER – female – 40s – versatile actor to play multiple parts<br>


  • Any two sides from our season. A reader will be in the room for sides requiring a scene partner.
  • If auditioning for Next to Normal: Any one side from our season, one song cut from Next to Normal of your choosing, and one contrasting song cut in the pop/rock musical theatre style. Song cuts should be 16-32 bars or approximately one minute each. Accompanist will be provided; please bring sheet music with cuts clearly marked and in the right key signature.
  • Note: If you are auditioning for both N2N and any other show(s) in our season, please follow N2N audition guidelines.
  • Note: Please choose two sides even if you are only interested in/available for one show in our season.
  • Please bring three copies of your resume, preferably with a thumbnail version of your headshot.

Tier I special appearance agreement or Tier 1 SPT contract (TBD)

Non-union actors: $100/week stipend

Housing cannot be provided; only local AEA actors considered.

The Growing Stone by Peter Snoad – August 26-September 19

Next to Normal – September 23-October 24

Woke by Avery Sharpe – January 6-January 30

Speech & Debate by Stephen Karam – February 10-March 19

The Growing Stone – September 20-October 6, 2019

Next to Normal – October 25-November 10 (with option to extend through November 17)

Woke – January 31-February 16

Speech & Debate – March 20-April 5 

Audition sides available online. Please note there may be student observers in the audition room for educational purposes

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