Encore Michigan

The Hilberry doing what it does best – educate

Review April 21, 2013
The Hilberry Theatre closes its 50th season with an extraordinary challenge. "The Persecution and Assassination of Jean-Paul Marat as Performed by the Inmates of the... Continue Reading

‘Ahoy!’ sails with one of the best crews around

Review April 15, 2013
By Dana Casadei Nowadays there seem to be cruises for everyone. Disney cruises for the family; singles cruises for those looking to find their soul... Continue Reading

Life at UDM is a cabaret, my friend

Review April 15, 2013
The UDM Theatre Company is closing its 42nd season with a rather unique endeavor in a rather untraditional space (for them) and featuring a very... Continue Reading

Give my regards to Eastpointe

Review April 14, 2013
In spring a young man's fancy turns to thoughts of love; the theatrically inclined turn to thoughts of farce. Broadway Onstage Live Theatre closes its... Continue Reading

Great Goerke! Fabulous ‘Fidelio’ at MOT

Review April 14, 2013
By Michael H. Margolin For its first-ever production of Beethoven's only opera, "Fidelio," Michigan Opera Theatre caught the wave and brought one of the best... Continue Reading

‘Pond-ering’ love and mortality at The Box

Review April 13, 2013
Ernest Thompson's "On Golden Pond" enjoys high name recognition, due to the playwright's 1981 film adaptation that won Academy Awards for Henry Fonda and Katharine... Continue Reading

From thriller to farce, with dizzying speed

Review April 13, 2013
Sometimes the best ideas sound more than a little ridiculous. For example, who would turn "The 39 Steps," a classic 1935 Alfred Hitchcock thriller picture,... Continue Reading

Memphis comes to Motown via Broadway

Review April 10, 2013
<HEADLINE > By Michael H. Margolin In Act II of "Memphis," Bryan Fenkart takes center stage. As Huey, the white disk jockey in Memphis in... Continue Reading

More ‘Fish,’ please

Review April 08, 2013
By Dana Casadei Sequels tend to fall in one of two categories: failures (pick any one of the "Bring it On" or "American Pie" films)... Continue Reading

Fond humor and formative charm, if you please

Review April 07, 2013
By Carolyn Hayes In terms of what it's about, playwright Jeffrey Hatcher's "Mrs. Mannerly" is an autobiographical retelling of the writer's childhood etiquette class and... Continue Reading

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