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Sherlock classic comes to Broadway (Onstage, that is)

Review October 26, 2013
By Dana Casadei Within the last few years, Sherlock Holmes has been played by numerous actors on both big and little screens, some giving the... Continue Reading

Theatrical tricks sweeten a literary treat

Review October 26, 2013
By Carolyn Hayes Among the vast supernatural arsenal, it can be argued that the strongest power is that of suggestion. Unknown enemies and motives are... Continue Reading

Early Wagner opera opens MOT’s 43rd season

Review October 21, 2013
By Michael H. Margolin Richard Wagner's "The Flying Dutchman" is a problem opera with its stillborn plot and its slow first act. Still, it has... Continue Reading

Much at stake in Magenta Giraffe’s ‘Saint Joan’

Review October 19, 2013
The old joke notwithstanding – if you can remember the '60s, you probably weren't there – I don't remember any productions of George Bernard Shaw's... Continue Reading

What A Do offers beautiful retelling of classic story

Review October 13, 2013
Strong women in real-life situations are what opened the What A Do season of classics. Set in 1863, "Little Women" is an adaptation by Marisha... Continue Reading

Williamston opens with a haunting ghost story

Review October 13, 2013
By Michael H. Margolin Plots unfolding within plots, unreality seeping through the cracks of English Edwardian sensibility, the deaths of young women and children, perhaps... Continue Reading

Communication rifts a la Ringwald

Review October 13, 2013
By Carolyn Hayes Verbal communication is supposed to set the human race apart from lesser species, but in practice, it can cause as many problems... Continue Reading

Familiar material gets slick (and tasty) treatment at Turkeyville

Review October 06, 2013
Somewhere there is a fine line between "feast" and "too much of a good thing." At Cornwell's Turkeyville, there is no doubt that the food... Continue Reading

WWSD (What Would Sherlock Do?)

Review October 06, 2013
It has an impressive set, striking costumes, capable actors, a classic character (Sherlock Holmes) as inspiration, and a script by a playwright with an enviable... Continue Reading

‘An Iliad’ casts a long shadow

Review October 05, 2013
By Michael H. Margolin "An Iliad," in a version by actor Denis O'Hare and Lisa Peterson, takes Homer's classic, tragic tale and transports its retelling... Continue Reading

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