Encore Michigan

Williamston’s ‘Valentine’ expresses a love of life

Review March 30, 2013
Is it a crime to live a little life if that is what everyone expects of you? At 46, Shirley Valentine is wondering whether there... Continue Reading

When love and marriage are no horse and carriage

Review March 24, 2013
William Somerset Maugham was no George Bernard Shaw, and "The Constant Wife" is no "Major Barbara." But both playwrights employed sparkling wit and compelling characters... Continue Reading

Muddled Shakespeare dramedy strains to measure up

Review March 21, 2013
By Carolyn Hayes Detroit's Elizabeth Theater Company, reaffirming its dedication to Shakespeare, now returns to the Bard for the second time with "Measure for Measure."... Continue Reading

Raise a glass, bend an ear

Review March 16, 2013
By Carolyn Hayes To close its all-Irish season, The Abreact could not have made a more Irish-for-Irish's sake selection than "The Weir." Beer, whiskey, yarn... Continue Reading

Once more unto the breach

Review March 16, 2013
American musical theater provides broad choices. The hot ticket in town right now is "The Book of Mormon," big, brash and raunchy. Compare that to... Continue Reading

Hello! Irreverent ‘Book of Mormon’ accomplishes its mission at the Fisher

Review March 14, 2013
After a Mormon family moved in across the street from me many years ago, I became accustomed to finding smiling, neatly pressed and overly friendly... Continue Reading

Reflections of Elvis – through a glass, darkly

Review March 09, 2013
The cult of celebrity is a defining characteristic of the common culture. It's not a new phenomenon – witness the teen-age Judy Garland mooning over... Continue Reading

‘Good news,’ big laughs at the Ant

Review March 09, 2013
By Dana Casadei Journalism is an ever-changing game. You constantly have to roll with the punches, learn new skills, and stay up to date on,... Continue Reading

Go’s look back moves full speed ahead

Review March 09, 2013
By Carolyn Hayes Go Comedy! Improv Theater has been slinging drinks and off-the-cuff improvised comedy for well over four years, but it has also been... Continue Reading

Coursing hope fuels exultant Matrix rise

Review March 03, 2013
By Carolyn Hayes On paper, playwright Scott Organ's "Phoenix" is a sleek little nugget of a play. The plot encompasses just two characters; their story... Continue Reading