Encore Michigan

Cheaters sometimes prosper

Review January 27, 2013
As a biology student at the U of M, I found the names "Watson and Crick" paired like Laurel and Hardy or cookies and cream.... Continue Reading

Dating woes done comic: Even fizzle sizzles

Review January 27, 2013
By Carolyn Hayes Playwright Norm Foster had one specific meaning in mind for the title of his comedy "Looking": the stigmatized, desperation-rank practice of actively... Continue Reading

Live! From Hamtramck! It’s ‘Lambert Street!’

Review January 20, 2013
  Now for something completely different, Planet Ant Theatre hosts two episodes of the Detroit Broadcasting Company's "Lambert Street," a proposed Internet-based, TV sitcom. The... Continue Reading

Get ready to be ‘Conned’

Review January 19, 2013
By Dana Casadei Plays and musicals often contain three essentials: characters, plot and a set. Some are simple, others elaborate a la "West Side Story"... Continue Reading

‘In order to begin, one first must start’

Review January 19, 2013
But where does one start to describe "The Meaning of Almost Everything?" Shall we begin with the basics? It's a new comedy by actor and... Continue Reading

Building foundations of song and story

Review January 19, 2013
By Carolyn Hayes Times are always changing; old is always begrudgingly giving way to new. The tools of today's digitally driven music industry might be... Continue Reading

Quacking up at Go Comedy!

Review January 18, 2013
A quick trip aboard a search engine revealed that "lame duck" is 19th century slang for "a person or thing that isn't properly able to... Continue Reading

A lyin’ sack of fun

Review January 13, 2013
  Joe White is the womanizing, prevaricating, self-centered, commitment-phobic protagonist of Ben Andron's comedy "White's Lies," and I can just hear my attorney friends going... Continue Reading

Whodunit? Murder mystery premieres in Eastpointe

Review January 13, 2013
"Trent's Last Case," the detective novel by E.C. Bentley, was published a century ago. While it has been filmed three times, local playwright John Arden... Continue Reading

Downtown story shines with hometown view

Review January 12, 2013
By Carolyn Hayes Harmer The hotly anticipated Michigan premiere of playwright Lisa D'Amour's "Detroit" has been the arguable crown of Hilberry Theatre's 50th season. Bringing... Continue Reading