Encore Michigan

Tipping Point’s ‘Light’ is a brisk, to-the-point story of love, pain and understanding

Review February 12, 2023
NORTHVILLE, MI--The Light, a play by Loy A. Webb, runs a quick 70 minutes without an intermission. Some playwrights today don't know when to put... Continue Reading

Detroit Mercy’s ‘Pride and Prejudice’ is a hoot, while staying true to Austen

Review February 11, 2023
DETROIT, MI--Thank Jane Austen for living and writing so long ago that her writing and characters are in the public domain for imaginative writers like... Continue Reading

Williamston Theatre’s memory, ‘Wild Horses,’ play travels an emotional journey

Review February 07, 2023
WILLIAMSTON, MI--Looking back at one’s youth is a perilous activity. Having an adult’s knowledge and perspective on the world, you are sometimes left wondering how... Continue Reading

Flint celebrates female empowerment with premiere of ‘The Future is Female’

Review February 07, 2023
FLINT, MI--Even when everyone agrees on the problem, they rarely agree on the solution. Flint Repertory Theatre opened a new work examining that conundrum with... Continue Reading

‘Nooner’ explores infidelity with laughs at Wilde Theatre

Review February 06, 2023
BRIGHTON, MI--What would you do if your secret crush finally smiles at you? What would you do if your secret crush asks you out to... Continue Reading

Beetlejuice is a lively, fun spectacle

Review February 04, 2023
DETROIT, MI--When it comes to Tim Burton’s 1988 film, Beetlejuice, the world is pretty much made up of two camps: those who adore the movie... Continue Reading

The actors rock “Birthday Club” at Meadow Brook

Review January 30, 2023
ROCHESTER HILLS, MI--When I see a play about five women, and the dialogue doesn’t ring true to me, I start perusing the program to read... Continue Reading

Detroit Rep’s ‘Gem Of The Ocean” a Gem indeed

Review January 16, 2023
DETROIT, MI–August Wilson’s Gem of The Ocean is a complex quilt of characters set in 1904 Pittsburgh, 39 years after slavery was abolished–a time when... Continue Reading

‘Les Mis’ at The Fisher is big and wonderful

Review December 23, 2022
DETROIT, MI–There are fans of Broadway’s big big shows. And there are those who dislike the big-cast long-running extravaganzas. Les Mis has its enthusiast fans,... Continue Reading

‘Swimming While Drowning’ illuminates the story of vulnerable LGBTQ teens

Review December 16, 2022
DETROIT, MI–Playwright Emilio Rodriguez has proved himself to be very adept at exposing and illuminating characters who represent people so frequently overlooked and marginalized by... Continue Reading

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