Encore Michigan

It’s all in how you play the game

Review April 28, 2013
By Carolyn Hayes Lamentably postponed and long anticipated, Magenta Giraffe Theatre's production of "The Maids" (by Jean Genet, translated by Bernard Frechtman) is categorically worth... Continue Reading

Rabbit leaps into Flint Youth Theatre’s charming tale

Review April 26, 2013
Some of the most memorable love stories are told in the nursery: Tinkerbell sacrificing herself for Peter Pan, Robin Hood's rescue of the Maid Marion,... Continue Reading

AKT musical is all about image

Review April 23, 2013
By Carolyn Hayes A photograph may be a fixed likeness, but it's the product of a lot of moving parts. When studying a photo as... Continue Reading

Pigeon Creek gets it in gear with ‘Macbeth’

Review April 21, 2013
  It was a steamy night at Dog Story Theater. From the gears on the swords to the goggles and aviator caps to the scorching... Continue Reading

‘Ahoy!’ sails with one of the best crews around

Review April 15, 2013
By Dana Casadei Nowadays there seem to be cruises for everyone. Disney cruises for the family; singles cruises for those looking to find their soul... Continue Reading

Great Goerke! Fabulous ‘Fidelio’ at MOT

Review April 14, 2013
By Michael H. Margolin For its first-ever production of Beethoven's only opera, "Fidelio," Michigan Opera Theatre caught the wave and brought one of the best... Continue Reading

Memphis comes to Motown via Broadway

Review April 10, 2013
<HEADLINE > By Michael H. Margolin In Act II of "Memphis," Bryan Fenkart takes center stage. As Huey, the white disk jockey in Memphis in... Continue Reading

More ‘Fish,’ please

Review April 08, 2013
By Dana Casadei Sequels tend to fall in one of two categories: failures (pick any one of the "Bring it On" or "American Pie" films)... Continue Reading

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