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ScienceTellers seeks performers/presenters living near Grand Rapids

February 18, 2020

ScienceTellers is looking for energetic and animated performers living in or near Grand Rapids to present its fun, interactive 45-minute science programs this summer.
There is no need to be a scientist — they will teach you all the science you need to know.

Compensation: $2,760 for up to 23 shows, plus $120 bonus for a completed, approved dress rehearsal.

They guarantee payment for 23 shows but in many cases will book you for more, at a rate of $100 per show and $20 travel stipend per show. They also reimburse for all tolls and parking.

Preferred: experience working with children and a background in theater, drama, performing or teaching.

This is a good opportunity for actors looking for part-time work.

To apply/audition, you must fill out an application at www.sciencetellers.com/jobs.

Week of 7/19/2021

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