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Wild Swan brings shortened ‘Scrooge’ to the kids

Review December 07, 2018
ANN ARBOR, Mich.–Scrooge. Scrooge. Scrooge all around us. It seems you can’t swing a mistletoe this time of year without hitting a production of Dickens’... Continue Reading

Crude cheeky comic Book of Mormon comes to Fisher

Review December 07, 2018
By Angela Colombo DETROIT, Mich.–What the world needs now is comedy. Cheeky, sassy, maybe even rude comedy. What the world needs now is Book of... Continue Reading

Fiddler On The Roof breaks with tradition at Wharton

Review December 06, 2018
EAST LANSING, Mich.–You’re taking a risk when you decide to change a classic. Even the smallest of changes can be met with cries of outrage... Continue Reading

Detroit Mercy Theatre’s ‘War of The Worlds’ reminds us of what’s news and what’s not

Review December 02, 2018
DETROIT, Mich.–The "War of the Worlds" was an episode of a radio drama anthology performed by Orson Welles’ Mercury Theatre in 1938 that has taken... Continue Reading

Monster Box’s ‘Book of Liz’ is the gospel according to the Sedaris writing duo

Review December 01, 2018
WATERFORD, Mich.— Before there was The Book of Mormon (the musical) there was The Book of Liz, a play by humorist and author David Sedaris... Continue Reading

‘Elves and Schumachers’ lights up December at Theatre Nova

Review December 01, 2018
ANN ARBOR, Mich.–December is here and local theatres are trotting out their most festive, crowd-pleasing shows. At many theatres, the family feel-good favorite is the... Continue Reading

Wayne State’s ‘Scrooge’ delivers Dickens with exceptional production

Review December 01, 2018
A Christmas Carol is pretty much the most familiar story in the western theater. And while Wayne State’s production stays pretty close to the story... Continue Reading

Actor Bill Coelius leads webinar on becoming a commercial “booking machine” 12/5

Industry November 30, 2018
ANN ARBOR, MICH.–On Wednesday December 5th, at 8:30 pm EST Bill Coelius, a Michigan actor who has booked over 50 national commercials will host a LIVE... Continue Reading

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