Encore Michigan

Ixion’s ‘Fight Girl’ is fun and fierce

Review March 20, 2019
LANSING, Mich.–Not every show is for every audience. There are certain shows, though, that reach out to non-traditional theater audiences and when they get there,... Continue Reading

Cornwell’s ‘Old Time Religion’ is good enough for all

Review March 17, 2019
MARSHALL, Mich.–Cornwell’s Dinner Theatre here knows its audience. This fourth-generation family-run business offers folks the kind of experience that's hard to find elsewhere: a full-service... Continue Reading

Tech and talent immerse audience in Farmers Alley’s ‘Curious Incident’

Review March 16, 2019
KALAMAZOO, MICH.–Mark Haddon’s book, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time is an amazing piece of work because it takes you inside the... Continue Reading

‘Hamilton’ rocks the ages at The Fisher Theatre

Review March 15, 2019
DETROIT, Mich.–Those who have not seen Hamilton often ask those who have whether or not the show is “worth the hype,” not to mention worth... Continue Reading

‘Miss Saigon’ brings us back to Vietnam in heartrending music and drama

Review March 15, 2019
LANSING, Mich.–Is Miss Saigon the epitome of the broken American Dream? Cameron Mackintosh’s new production of Boubil & Schonberg’s Miss Saigonflies its way back on... Continue Reading

Riverbank’s ‘Little Shop’ blooms with fun

Review March 11, 2019
MARINE CITY, Mich.–Are you in the mood for comedy? Satire? Tongue-in-cheek horror? Clever practical effects? How about fun, doo-wop style music? Maybe you’ve been yearning... Continue Reading

MOT’s ‘Candide’ sparkles with phun and philosophy

Review March 11, 2019
DETROIT, Mich.–Candide might just be the very first story where the protagonist should have just yelled, “Bring it on!” to an overt barrage of extremely... Continue Reading

‘The Wolves’ unleashes warrior women at STI

Review March 09, 2019
FERNDALE, Mich. —Every now and again a play comes along that makes you want to stop and replay the action in slow motion before the... Continue Reading

‘Dancing at Lughnasa’ a trip to 1930’s Ireland

Review March 04, 2019
PORT HURON, Mich.–Enter Stage Right and director Michael Murphy are bringing to life at the Citadel Stage in Port Huron Dancing at Lughnasa, a traditional... Continue Reading

Flint Rep’s ‘Riddle of the Trilobites’ takes audiences back in time…magically.

Review March 03, 2019
FLINT, Mich.–Flint Repertory Theatre—either in their current form or as Flint Youth Theatre—has never shied away from challenging young audiences. The shows they choose and... Continue Reading

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