Encore Michigan

Review: ‘A Little More Alive’ at The Meadow Brook

Review February 25, 2024
By Kent Straith ROCHESTER HILLS, MI--A Little More Alive, a solo creation by actor/writer Nick Blaemire (who wrote the book, music, and lyrics), and the... Continue Reading

Review: Tipping Point enlightens a little-known story in ‘The Chinese Lady’

Review February 20, 2024
By Kent Straith NORTHVILLE, MI--As you enter the performance space in the Northville’s Tipping Point Theater in for their production of Lloyd Suh’s play The... Continue Reading

Detroit Mercy’s Photograph 51 illuminates lost story of Scientist Rosalind Franklin

Review February 17, 2024
DETROIT, MI--Photograph 51, a compelling play by Anna Ziegler, delves into the fascinating story behind one of the most significant scientific discoveries of the 20th... Continue Reading

Encore’s “Into The Woods” enchanting and special

Review February 17, 2024
DEXTER, MI--"Into the Woods" is an enchanting journey that weaves together classic fairy tales into a rich tapestry of humor, drama, and profound introspection. Directed... Continue Reading

‘Fortune’ at Theatre NOVA plays at the heartstrings

Review February 14, 2024
Fortune, by Deborah Zoe Laufer, is a story about what we can miss when we shut ourselves off or give up on something we really... Continue Reading

Maytag Virgin sparkles at The Williamston

Review February 11, 2024
WILLIAMSTON, MI--“Does a good heart just break and break until it gets good at being broken?” A thought provoking line with a multitude of deeper... Continue Reading

Flint Rep takes an unforgettable step into brotherhood and bonding

Review February 08, 2024
FLINT, MI--Theater demands much of its participants and every show has different dictates. In Flint Repertory Theatre’s world premiere of James Anthony Tyler’s “Into the... Continue Reading

Review: Dio’s ‘Souvenir’ is poignant story of musical muse Florence Foster Jenkins

Review February 08, 2024
PINCKNEY, MI--Most of us meet characters in our lives that are truly unforgettable. That was Florence Foster Jenkins, a socialite in the 1920s, 30s and... Continue Reading

Detroit Rep’s ‘Joe Turner’ powerful and compelling

Review January 31, 2024
By Kent Straith “Yond Cassius has a lean and hungry look…” Another playwright from another country in another time wrote those words, but they immediately sprung... Continue Reading

‘Father of The Bride’ wheezes at The Meadow Brook

Review January 22, 2024
By Kent Straith ROCHESTER HILLS, MI--During the second intermission of the rare three-act stage production of Father Of The Bride, now on stage at Meadowbrook... Continue Reading