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Michigan Shakespeare Festival storms July with most excellent ‘Tempest’

Review July 17, 2018
JACKSON, Mich.–One of Shakespeare’s more popular plays, The Tempest, charms audiences with its magic, its island setting, its themes of revenge and redemption and the... Continue Reading

Much beloved ‘Lion King” returns to Wharton Center

Review July 17, 2018
LANSING, Mich.–Have you ever seen a show, play, movie, or TV show, more than once and would gladly watch it over and over again? Disney’s... Continue Reading

Ringwald takes ‘Rocky Horror’ to biker bar

Review July 15, 2018
FERNDALE, Mich.–Richard O’Brien’s The Rocky Horror Show is a bit of an artifact of its time, when queer culture and camp were avant garde– subversive,... Continue Reading

Interlochen’s ‘Much Ado…’ really something

Review July 13, 2018
INTERLOCHEN, Mich--Scholars have noted that in Shakespeare’s day, the word “nothing” was crude slang for the very much something between a woman’s legs. It is... Continue Reading

Interlochen dares history with ‘A Doll’s House 2″

Review July 06, 2018
INTERLOCHEN, Mich.--It has been more than 140 years since Nora slammed the door on her husband and three children, walking out of her married life... Continue Reading

‘Thoroughly Modern Millie’ full of merriment at The Riverbank

Review July 06, 2018
MARINE CITY, Mich.–Bobbed hair, jazz and gin joints—the exciting and “modern” lifestyle of 1920s New York City is on display at The Riverbank Theatre in... Continue Reading

Jesus Christ not so Superstar at Tibbits

Review June 30, 2018
COLDWATER, Mich.–Popularity and interest in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s 1970 sung-through rock opera Jesus Christ Superstar has had a resurgence, with powerful productions in southwest Michigan... Continue Reading

Hope Summer Rep has a winning hand with ‘The Odd Couple’

Review June 30, 2018
HOLLAND,Mich.–Hope Summer Repertory Theatre has been dealt a winning hand with its second show of the season, Neil Simon’s The Odd Couple. As always Simon... Continue Reading

Puny eggs indeed with Great Escape’s ‘Quiche’

Review June 29, 2018
MARSHALL, Mich.–Have you ever wanted to be in a production, but could never seem to either get up the courage to go and audition or... Continue Reading

Hope Summer Rep brings modern ‘Wiz’ down the road

Review June 25, 2018
HOLLAND, Mich.–Director Marcus Denard Johnson has a clear vision for what The Wiz is today and he hosts an out-and-out celebration at Hope Summer Repertory... Continue Reading

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