Encore Michigan

Modern romance in ‘Boy Gets Girl’ at Enter Stage Right

Review November 10, 2018
PORT HURON, Mich.–We usually go to the theatre to be amused, entertained and moved; sometimes we go to learn something, to be challenged or simply... Continue Reading

Shakespeare in Detroit’s Twelfth Night…and all that jazz

Review November 09, 2018
By Angela Colombo DETROIT, Mich.–“If music be the food of love, play on!” The opening line of Twelfth Night is one we might all enjoy... Continue Reading

Hnath argues all sides in ‘A Doll’s House, Part Two’ at Farmers Alley

Review November 04, 2018
KALAMAZOO, Mich.–When the door slammed at the end of Henrik Ibsen’s A Doll’s House, the sound echoed across the world the same way the first... Continue Reading

‘Evidence of Things Unseen’ “moving” at Detroit Rep

Review November 03, 2018
DETROIT – Katie Forgette’s Evidence of Things Unseen is one of those perfectly lovely plays designed to take its audience on a brief but emotionally... Continue Reading

‘Doubt’ gives us plenty to think about at Open Book Theatre

Review November 03, 2018
TRENTON, Mich.–Certainty without proof is a problematic thing. It doesn't fly in a court of law. But it can be valid in choosing political leaders,... Continue Reading

‘Letter To My Nephew’ at MOT sets the struggle to dance

Review October 30, 2018
By Casaundra Freeman DETROIT,Mich.–Letter to My Nephew, the first dance concert at the Michigan Opera Theatre (MOT) since the passing of Artistic Director Emeritus, David... Continue Reading

‘Hand To God’ at Monster Box makes its point loud and dirty

Review October 29, 2018
WATERFORD, TWP., Mich.–Religion is utter BS unless it is the basic human religion of being kind, fair and respectful to one another. And the devil... Continue Reading

Much to like in Wayne State’s ‘As You Like It’ at The Hilberry

Review October 27, 2018
DETROIT—Hilberry Theatre proves once again that Shakespeare’s timeless plays – especially his comedies – can be endlessly reframed as fresh work of art. This newest... Continue Reading

Theatre Nova’s ‘Stone Witch’ explores line between creativity and madness

Review October 27, 2018
ANN ARBOR–One of the things I am always fascinated by in the theater is why companies choose the plays they do. Theatre Nova has been... Continue Reading

Morisseau’s ‘Pipeline’ at DPT explores the unfortunate fate of too many black men

Review October 25, 2018
DETROIT, Mich.–Here’s a trade secret: most writers hate coming up with titles for their work. In some cases, however, the act of naming allows the... Continue Reading

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