Encore Michigan

Waitress at The Music Hall is as delicious as really good pie

Review March 16, 2022
DETROIT, Mich.–There's nothing like a truly great piece of pie. And Waitress is as good as it gets for a night out a big Broadway... Continue Reading

Detroit Rep presents William Downs’ “Asking Strangers,” which could be sub-titled “The Big Think”

Review March 14, 2022
The best part of Asking Strangers: The Meaning of Life, a new play by William Missouri Downs presented by The Detroit Repertory Theatre, was the... Continue Reading

‘Looking’ explores blind-dating at A Wilde Theatre

Review March 07, 2022
BRIGHTON, Mich.–Ask most single people today about the dating scene, and they will talk about Match.com, Tinder, Hinge or Facebook Dating. The old fashioned way... Continue Reading

Nicely hits out of the park with ‘Anything Goes.’

Review March 05, 2022
WEST BLOOMFIELD, Mich.–The Nicely Theatre Group, formed during the Covid-19 pandemic when theaters were dark, opened up its first indoor, full-fledged show, Anything Goes, at... Continue Reading

‘Lifespan of A Fact’ provokes lots of thought about truth in media

Review March 03, 2022
KALAMAZOO, Mich.–When does a fact stop being a fact? When it’s discovered to be an untruth, or when it’s admitted as an untruth? Or does... Continue Reading

‘9 Parts of Desire’ at The Williamston illuminates otherwise anonymous women

Review February 10, 2022
WILLIAMSTON, MIch.– With a play title like 9 Parts of Desire scheduled in the month of hearts and romance, one would think that it might... Continue Reading

Flint Rep’s ‘Wrong River’ is dynamic, memorable treatment of water crisis

Review February 10, 2022
FLINT, Mich – It is right and proper that the Flint Repertory Theatre produces a play about the Flint water crisis. It is not the... Continue Reading

‘Jenny’s House of Joy’ kicks off The Dio’s ninth season with all-women comedy

Review February 07, 2022
PINCKNEY, Mich.— It’s 1871 in Baxter Springs, Kansas, and the working girls at Jenny’s House of Joy are bracing for the onslaught of cowboys driving... Continue Reading

Purple Rose Theatre premiere’s ‘Under Ceege’ for its re-opening

Review February 07, 2022
CHELSEA, Mich.–There has been much anticipation surrounding the re-opening of The Purple Rose Theatre, which has not produced a show since before the Covid-19 Pandemic.... Continue Reading

‘Marjorie Prime’ serves plenty of food for thought

Review January 26, 2022
TRENTON, Mich.–There is no question that technology has the power to change everything. Sometimes, new technology has such a swift, profound impact on our lives... Continue Reading

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