Encore Michigan

NYTimes: Detroit Opera’s ‘Malcolm X’ makes big splash

Review May 19, 2022
DETROIT — “When a man is lost,” sings Betty Shabazz, Malcolm X’s wife, “does the sky bleed for him, or does the sunset ignore his... Continue Reading

Encore starts the road for Lon Chaney musical

Review May 01, 2022
DEXTER, Mich.–Lon Chaney was a transformative actor and make-up artist in Hollywood during the years leading up to World-War 1, the war years and the... Continue Reading

Review: Sherlock Holmes’ third act at PRT is a taut and wile yarn

Review April 23, 2022
CHELSEA, MI–Will the real Sherlock Holmes please stand up. If he can, after shooting himself up with drugs. The Purple Rose Theatre opened its third... Continue Reading

The Band’s Visit, a small musical that may well charm you with its smallness

Review April 21, 2022
DETROIT, MI–The Band’s Visit, which had a pre-pandemic run on Broadway and has resumed a national tour, has a reputation of being a ‘dull’ show.... Continue Reading

‘The Actors’ brings dramedy to family and healing

Review April 08, 2022
ANN ARBOR, MI–Ronnie Larsen’s  new play, The Actors, presented by The Penny Seats here, might also be called Irony. The premise is that Ronnie (Brandy... Continue Reading

‘The Cake’ at Williamston is filling with great writing and performances

Review April 04, 2022
WILLIAMSTON, Mich.–By now, most of us are familiar with the culture war between evangelical Christians and the LGBTQ community in which florists, bakers and venue... Continue Reading

The Addams Family Musical is all together fun at Detroit Mercy

Review April 04, 2022
DETROIT, Mich.–The Addams Family Musical presented by Detroit Mercy Theatre Company is billed as a “Dramatic Concert Version.” But it feels more like a hybrid... Continue Reading

‘Boeing Boeing’ at The Croswell opens doors to laughs

Review April 02, 2022
ADRIAN, MICH.–Don’t expect too much plot with a “doors comedy.” But that’s not what the genre is about. Boeing Boeing, a classic “doors comedy” is... Continue Reading

Gutenberg is ridiculous and sublime with Moan and Payton

Review March 27, 2022
PINCKNEY, Mich.— If you are anxious over today’s unsettling headlines and the moral ambiguity of world leaders, you may find it comforting to visit a... Continue Reading

Waitress at The Music Hall is as delicious as really good pie

Review March 16, 2022
DETROIT, Mich.–There's nothing like a truly great piece of pie. And Waitress is as good as it gets for a night out a big Broadway... Continue Reading

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