Encore Michigan

Dio’s ‘Hunchback’ is an extraordinary feat of stagecraft

Review April 06, 2019
PINCKNEY, Mich.–The Hunchback of Notre Dame, the 19th-century story by Victor Hugo, is a timeless piece. There are intertwined love stories. There is tragedy. There... Continue Reading

‘Girlfriend’ is sweet and surprising at Detroit Public

Review April 05, 2019
DETROIT, Mich.–The idea of a play based on a singer and album one has never heard of is not a promising start to an evening.... Continue Reading

‘Popcorn Falls’ pops at Tipping Point

Review April 01, 2019
NORTHVILLE, Mich. – Anytime two actors at the top of their game are challenged to create 15 unique, quirky characters in an over-the-top comedic romp,... Continue Reading

Detroit Mercy storms The Boll with ‘Young Frankenstein’

Review April 01, 2019
DETROIT, Mich.–“We have created a monster that has deeply impacted our students and community. I cannot wait to set this monster loose on the world,”... Continue Reading

Maguire and Crawford deal a winning hand in ‘The Gin Game’ at The Williamston

Review March 31, 2019
WILLIAMSTON, Mich.–Since The Gin Game first took to the stage on Broadway in 1977, it has frequently featured married couples playing Weller Martin and Fonsia... Continue Reading

Enter Stage Right tees up ‘The Foursome’

Review March 31, 2019
PORT HURON, Mich.–EReunions of all kinds can bring out the best memories, the worst memories, and sometimes surprising revelations. Audiences will be able to relate... Continue Reading

Enter Stage Right hits the fairway with ‘Ladies Foursome’

Review March 31, 2019
PORT HURON,MICH.–Learning something new about a friend you’ve had for years can be either exciting or alarming, as audiences will discover at The Ladies Foursome,... Continue Reading

Kickshaw’s ‘Ding Dongs’ is part comedy and part thriller

Review March 31, 2019
ANN ARBOR – Ding Dong is the sound your home’s doorbell makes. It can also describe who’s come to call. At least that’s the case... Continue Reading

UMS dazzles with ‘La Fresque’

Dance March 28, 2019
ANN ARBOR, Mich.–Many of the most memorable images in Ballet Preljocaj’s ballet “La Fresque” involve women’s hair. Seated on a cube, five women whip their... Continue Reading

‘Interference’ at The Matrix is gripping look at campus rape

Review March 24, 2019
DETROIT, Mich.–If you want to ignite debate at the dinner table, and you have a big family, kick it off discussing a story in the... Continue Reading

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