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‘Cry It Out’ hits the angst of new motherhood on the head

Review November 21, 2018
DETROIT, Mich.–Sometimes a play comes along that mistakenly gets labeled a “woman’s play.” I’m not wild about that description. For one thing, just because a... Continue Reading

A night at the opera with Tipping Point’s ‘A Comedy of Tenors’

Review November 19, 2018
NORTHVILLE, Mich.–“Dying is easy, but comedy is hard” goes the old mantra, hyperbolically detailing the degree of difficulty for making an audience laugh. That said,... Continue Reading

Ringwald takes on charged topic with ‘The Cake’

Review November 19, 2018
FERNDALE, Mich.– — It seems apropos that The Ringwald is presenting a play about mixed feelings over same-sex marriage just a few weeks after the... Continue Reading

Encore’s ‘Hello Dolly’ struts with Inman in title role

Review November 18, 2018
DEXTER, Mich.–Hello Dolly is a show known for needing an actress to play the bigger-than-life Dolly Levi. The recent Broadway revival featured actress Bette Midler,... Continue Reading

Riverbank’s ‘A Christmas Story’ will shoot your eye out

Review November 18, 2018
MARINE CITY, Mich.–A Christmas Story has been elevated in the past few decades from modern holiday tale to cult favorite to legitimate classic status. How... Continue Reading

‘Well-Intentioned White People’ at Matrix tries to go beyond good intentions

Review November 17, 2018
DETROIT, Mich.–“What are you doing right now to stand up for the oppressed?” a critical quote demanded by Professor Cass Davis (Jessica Lauren Wilson) near... Continue Reading

MOT’s ‘Barber of Seville’ sparkles and soars

Review November 13, 2018
DETROIT, Mich.–For opera fans, The Barber of Seville is pure cake, with lots of icing, fruit on top, sugar roses and cocoa powder. The current... Continue Reading

What’s not to like with Pigeon Creek’s ‘As You Like It’?

Review November 12, 2018
SOMEWHERE IN WESTERN MICHIGAN–The production of As You Like It currently touring Western Michigan does everything that Pigeon Creek Shakespeare Company does best. It’s a... Continue Reading

‘Assassins’ gives voice to those who would kill the President at Flint Rep

Review November 12, 2018
FLINT, Mich.–What happens when someone is frustrated at not getting what they feel they have a right to? Well, most of us grumble a little,... Continue Reading

Meadow Brook’s ‘Scrooge” is a Victorian pop-up book come to life

Review November 10, 2018
ROCHESTER, Mich.— For many people in Oakland County, it’s the opening of A Christmas Carol at Meadow Brook Theatre that officially kicks off the holiday... Continue Reading

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