Encore Michigan

‘Othello’ in Royal Oak is served before its time

Review July 27, 2019
ROYAL OAK, Mich.–Any audience of live theater can be expected to suspend disbelief to a certain extent and to recognize that in live theater, sometimes... Continue Reading

Ari Axelrod leads Cabaret Class August 4

Review July 26, 2019
DEXTER, Mich.–Ann Arbor native and current New York cabaret artist Ari Axelrod will be leading a masterclass on cabaret performance for The Academy of Vocal... Continue Reading

‘Stargazers’ explores modern digital love and the stars

Review July 26, 2019
ANN ARBOR, Mich.–Some plays sneak up on you. Such is the case with Stargazers, now playing at TheatreNova. For the first hour of this play... Continue Reading

Farmers Alley tees up ‘Avenue Q’

Review July 24, 2019
KALAMAZOO, Mich.–Avenue Q earned its fame not just because it was on the naughty side—an adult Sesame Street in which puppets swear and have explicit... Continue Reading

Fall For ‘Shakespeare in Love’ at Hope Summer Rep

Review July 23, 2019
HOLLAND, Mich.–Everyone wants to know what inspires the creators of great works. What do they see that we do not? What do they feel that... Continue Reading

‘My Dad Was Fifteen Feet Tall:’ a new play at Outvisible Theatre

Review July 21, 2019
ALLEN PARK, Mich.–Alcoholism and depression create great tragedy in every culture. The toll these diseases take on children is gargantuan. My Dad Was 15 Feet... Continue Reading

P45 Adds ‘Little Bunny Foo Foo’ for the kids in Traverse City

Review July 21, 2019
TRAVERSE CITY, Mich.–“Little Bunny Foo Foo...Hopping through the forest...Scooping up the field mice...And boppin’ ‘em on the head” And so sings Sarah Elizabeth Keyes, who... Continue Reading

MSF’s ‘Cyrano’ is a loving summer treat

Review July 20, 2019
JACKSON, Mich.–The story of Cyrano de Bergerac is not just about a man with a seriously big nose in love. In a world of image... Continue Reading

‘Big’ is Big Fun at The Barn

Review July 18, 2019
AUGUSTA, Mich.–Making musicals out of movies, especially movies from bygone decades, is a popular genre that plays well not only to those who remember the... Continue Reading

John Lepard triumphs as ‘King Lear’ along with rest of the MSF players

Review July 16, 2019
JACKSON, Mich.–One thing about being a King. You know the fall is going to come. It’s going to happen sooner, if not later. A few... Continue Reading

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