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And The Winners Are…The 2019 Wilde Awards

The Wilde Awards August 18, 2019

ANN ARBOR, MICH.–EncoreMichigan.com’s annual Wilde Awards program, which rewards the best productions, actors, artists, designers, writers and theater technicians resulted in one theatre topping the rest with awards: TheatreNova took four Wilde Awards. Three theaters tied for three awards: The Williamston Theatre, The Dio Dining & Entertainment, Hope Summer Repertory Theatre. These theaters each won three Wilde Awards.

The “season” began June 1, 2018 and closed May 31, 2019. For a production to be eligible, it had to have at least four performances and performed by a “professional” theater, defined by EncoreMichigan as a company that pays its actors. The eligible theaters include Equity and Non-Equity theaters.

The theater with the most nominations this year is The Barn Theatre in Augusta, Michigan with 21 separate nominations. The Flint Repertory Theatre scored 15 nominations. The Dio Dining and Entertainment received 11 nominations. The Slipstream Theatre Initiative and The Purple Rose Theatre each scored ten nominations. “We included more nominations this year than in past years,” said David Kiley. “It was such a strong year, and so many theaters have upped their games that it was very difficult in some cases to whittle categories down to six or seven in a few categories.” It was even harder to pick winners.

Stay tuned for the TheatreTalkPlus podcast this week where Editor David Kiley talks to members of the critic’s team about why they chose the winners they did.

The EncoreMichigan team of critics featuring David Kiley, Patty Nolan, Bridgette Redman, Sue Merrell, Julie Linderleaf, Kym Reinstadler, Roy Sexton, Amy Parrent, Angela Columbo, Paula Bradley, Tanya Gazdik, Marin Heinritz, and two guest reviewers reviewed 210 show openings in the previous season. The nominations and winners were determined in early June 2019.

“Choosing nominees, let alone winners, is a brutal business for the jury,” said Kiley. “The fact that we had so many nominees in some categories and ties for winners speaks only to the excellence of work being done in the community, not the lack of decisiveness by the Encore team.”

Normally, the awards would be announced and handed out at a ceremony. EncoreMichigan regrets that the ceremony was not possible this year, but we are hoping to be back in 2020 with an awards ceremony for the benefit of the community.

The Beauty Queen of Leenane

This year, EncoreMichigan separated Best Play categories into Drama and Comedy. “We did this after a few years of discussing it among the critics,” said Kiley. “It doesn’t seem right to compare heavy dramas with straight comedies, and then there are all the plays that fall in between. Plus, it allows us to honor more plays, and there is a vast number of wonderful plays in Michigan.” The award for Best Play–Drama went to The Detroit Public Theatre’s production of The Beauty Queen of Leenane, directed by Andrew Borba. The play, by Martin Faranan McDonagh, one of Ireland’s brightest playwriting lights, is about an aging mother and daughter in a poor rural village with little hope or options. Editor David Kiley referred to the play as “perhaps the perfect Irish play.”  Sarah Clare Corporandy and Karen Sheridan were nominated for Best Lead Actress and Best Supporting Actress respectively. The award for Best Play-Comedy went to The Barn Theatre’s Noises Off. This comedy is big and broad and relies on a major set piece to make it work, and The Barn brought the play to life in an extraordinary way in a summer in which it packs eight shows.

Noises Off

The award for Best Musical went to Once, produced at The Mason Street Warehouse. Critic Sue Merrell said of Mason Street’s Once: “Mason Street’s production is so entertaining, you may want to see it more than Once.”

Michael Lopetrone in Glass Menagerie

The award for Best Actor In A Play went to Michael Lopetrone for his role in The Glass Menagerie at Flint Repertory Theatre. Best Actress in a play was a tie–Diane Hill for her role in The How and The Why, and Michelle Mountain for her role as Kate in All My Sons at The Purple Rose Theatre.

Best Actor In A Musical was taken by Steve DeBruyne, artistic director at The Dio Dining & Entertainment for his role as Quasimodo in The Hunchback of Notre Dame. DeBruyne was also nominated for his role in The Wild Party. The award for Best Actress in a Musical was a tie, going to Elizabeth Jaffe for her performance in The Wild Party at The Dio Dining & Entertainment, and Julie Benko for her role in Mason Street’s Once, which won the Wilde Award for Best Musical.

Steve DeBruyne: Hunchback

The award for Best Performance Young Audiences goes to Dan Morrison for his role in the The Elves and The Shumachers, a Christmas panto show at Theatre Nova. “Dan Morrison has shown he can play a range of roles at a high level, and he has delivered on doing this annual panto to the point where we can hardly imagine it without him.”

Dan Morrison in Elves and The Schumachers

EncoreMichigan’s Rising Star Award, named for the late Terry Heck, went to Grace Joliffe for her role in The Wolves, performed at The Slipstream Theatre Initiative.

The award for Best Opera went to The Grapes of Wrath at Michigan Opera Theatre. The award for Best Performance in an Opera this year is named for Dr. David DiChiera, the founder of MOT, who died last year. The award will be named for DiChiera, who also is responsible for the restoration of The Detroit Opera House, in all subsequent years. That award was a tie, going to Katharine Goeldner for her role as Ma Joad in MOT’s The Grapes of Wrath and Kaswanna Kanyinda, who played the role of the Mother in Opera Modo’s The Consul.

Best of The Bard went to Michigan Shakespeare Festival’s Measure for Measure.

Encore Michigan hands out some special awards for artists and other members of the Michigan theater community, and productions that fit certain criteria. These awards are decided upon by the team of critics.


The Critics’s Award: The Production of Interference at The Matrix Theatre.

Interference is a play by Lynda Radley about a young woman who was a victim of campus rape, and the reaction by the media and her community. “This is a tragic problem gripping the country, and The Matrix Theatre’s choice of the play, the performance of lead actress Danielle Peck, and the entire production very much deserves to be recognized for bringing this story to Michigan,” said David Kiley. Interference was directed by Kaitlyn Valor Bourque.

Milvotchkee, Wisconsin

The Publisher’s Award: The Production of Milvotchkee Visconsin by Kickshaw Theatre.

Milvotchkee, Visconsin is a remarkable play by Laura Jacqmin, directed by Kickshaw Artistic Director Lynn Lammers, about a witty and wise woman named Molly, a tour guide for The Wisconsin Concrete Park. The play explores the decline of Molly into dementia. The story illuminates a serious problem of diseases of the brain and the ordeal of the victims’ caregivers. “The actors and production ensemble of this play gave Michigan a gift, and we are pleased to recognize that effort and their commitment,” said Kiley.

The Jim Posante Award for Community Pride: The production of Gross Indecency: The Three Trials of Oscar Wilde, Slipstream Theatre Initiative.

This play, about the trials of Oscar Wilde for crimes related to being gay, was beautifully presented by Slipstream. Richard Payton did a marvelous job in the lead, inhabiting both Wilde’s gift for wit, as well as Wilde’s pain and vulnerability.

Kill Move Paradise

The Council Cargle Award for Storytelling Reflecting Issues of Diversity and Inclusion: The cast and production of Kill Move Paradise, Theatre Nova.

This award in the past has been awarded to recipients for “Lifetime Achievement” in Michigan theatre. This year, and going forward, the award named for one of Michigan’s legendary actors, will be awarded to actors and theaters who do an exceptional job of bringing stories to life that reflect diversity, inclusion and experiences of people of color in America.

Reviewer Patty Nolan said: “This mesmerizing Theatre Nova production, directed by Diane Hill, elevates the characters’ sense of desperation and our own connection to their pain and sorrow by staging the play in the round. Patrons familiar with the intimate performance space will wonder how this was even possible (they added two rows of seats against what is normally the upstage backdrop) and why they attempted it. As Director Diane Hill explained, the script calls for a space that physically traps the young men, who try and fail to escape. It had to feel real.”

The Founder’s Award: The production of Angels in America Part One and Perestroika, Maggie Allesee Dept. of Theatre and Dance at Wayne State University.

In this 50th anniversary of Stonewall, Wayne State’s theater company out on both parts of this Tony Kushner classic about being gay during the AIDS crisis. Set in New York City, the story takes place between October 1985 and February 1986.

The Founder’s Award is given by Pride Source Media, publisher of Between The Lines, which founded EncoreMichigan with Don Calamia.

List of Awards, Nominees, Winners

1.Winner Best Musical: Once, The Mason Street Warehouse


The Wild PartyThe Dio Dining and Entertainment

The Hunchback of Notre Dame: The Dio Dining and Entertainment

Once: The Mason Street Warehouse

Willow Run: The Purple Rose Theatre Company

West Side Story: The Encore Musical Theatre

The Spitfire Grille: Meadow Brook Theatre

A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder: Tibbits Opera House

Bonnie and Clyde: The Barn Theatre

2.Winner Best Play-Drama: The Beauty Queen of Leenane, Detroit Public Theatre


All My Sons: The Purple Rose Theatre Company

The Curious Incident of The Dog In The Nighttime: Farmers Alley

The Beauty Queen of Leenane: The Detroit Public Theatre

Silent Sky: Williamston Theatre

A Doll’s House Part 2: Farmers Alley

The Wolves: Slipstream Theatre Initiative

The Wolves: Flint Repertory Theatre

The Glass Menagerie: Flint Repertory Theatre

The How and The Why: Theatre Nova

Milvotchkee, Visconsin: Kickshaw Theatre

3.Winner Best Play-Comedy: Noises Off, The Barn Theatre


Popcorn Falls: The Tipping Point Theatre

A Comedy of Tenors: The Tipping Point Theatre

Noises Off: The Barn Theatre

New Releases: Williamston Theatre

Escanaba in Da Moonlight: The Snug Theatre

Run For Your Wife: The Barn Theatre

4.Winner Best Opera: The Grapes of Wrath, Michigan Opera Theatre


Hansel and Gretel: Michigan Opera Theatre

The Consul: Opera MODO

The Grapes of Wrath: Michigan Opera Theatre

The Barber of Seville: Michigan Opera Theatre

5. Winner Best of The Bard: Measure for Measure, Michigan Shakespeare Festival


Richard III: Pigeon Creek Shakespeare Company

The Tempest: Michigan Shakespeare Festival

Measure for Measure: Michigan Shakespeare Festival

As You Like It: Maggie Allesee Department of Theatre and Dance at Wayne State University

Much Ado About Nothing: Shakespeare Royal Oak

Much Ado About Nothing: Interlochen Shakespeare Festival

6. Winner Best Original Production: TIE–To Quiet The Quiet, Williamston Theatre; House On Poe Street, Detroit Repertory Theatre


Interference: The Matrix Theatre

Lost in 3 Pines: Slipstream Theatre Initiative

New Releases: The Williamston Theatre

Willow Run: The Purple Rose Theatre Company

To Quiet The Quiet: The Williamston Theatre

House on Poe Street: Detroit Repertory Theatre

Never Not Once: The Purple Rose Theatre Company

Songs About Stuff: Flint Repertory Theatre

7. Winner Best One Person Show: An Iliad, Hope Summer Repertory


An Iliad: Hope Summer Repertory Theatre–Emily Trask

On the Exhale: Slipstream Theatre Initiative–Tiaja Sabrie

Dixie’s Never Wear a Tube Top while Riding a Mechanical Bull and 16 Other Things I Learned While I was Drinking Last Thursday: Mason Street Warehouse–Kris Andersson

What Doesn’t Kill You: The Snug Theatre–James Hindman

8.Winner Best Theater for Young Audiences: Hansel & Gretel, Michigan Opera Theatre


Hansel & Gretel: Michigan Opera Theatre

The Elves and The Schumachers: Theatre Nova

Charlotte’s Web: Wild Swan Theatre

The Little Prince: Flint Repertory Theatre

The Riddle of the Trilobites: Flint Repertory Theatre

Dragon Pack Snack Attack: Hope Summer Repertory Theatre

9. Winner Best Touring Production: Hamilton, Broadway in Detroit/Wharton Center


Hamilton: Broadway in Detroit/Wharton Center

Something Rotten: Broadway in Detroit

Phantom of The Opera: Broadway in Detroit

The Play That Goes Wrong: Broadway in Detroit

Fiddler on The Roof: Wharton Center

Winner Dr. David DiChiera Award For Best Performance – Opera: Katharine Goeldner, Grapes of Wrath, MOT; Kaswanna Kanyinda, The Consul, Opera MODO.


Lucas Meachem: Barber of Seville–Michigan Opera Theatre

Daniella Mack: Barber of Seville–Michigan Opera Theatre

Matthew DiBattista: Hansel and Gretel–Michigan Opera Theatre

Katharine Goeldner: Grapes of Wrath–Michigan Opera Theatre

Kaswanna Kanyinda: The Consul–Opera Modo

Nicole Joseph: The Consul–Opera Modo

10. Winner Terry Heck Rising Star Award: Best Performance for an Actor Under 18 and under in a professional production: Grace Joliffe, The Wolves, Slipstream Theatre Initiative.


Dalton Hartwell: The Little Prince–Flint Repertory Theatre

Grace Jolliffe: The Wolves–Slipstream Theatre Initiative

Alex Eisenberg: The Wolves–Slipstream Theatre Initiative

David Wilson: Lost in 3 Pines–Slipstream Theatre Initiative

Braedon Davis: Disaster!–The Barn Theater

11. Winner Best Performance–The Bard: Scott Lange, Richard III, Pigeon Creek Shakespeare Company


Kathleen Bode: Henry VI–Pigeon Creek Shakespeare Company

Janet Haley: The Tempest–Michigan Shakespeare Festival

Brendan St. Clair Saunders: The Tempest–Michigan Shakespeare Festival

Robert McLean: Measure for Measure–Michigan Shakespeare Festival

Brendan St. Clair Saunders: Measure for Measure–Michigan Shakespeare Festival

Diana Coates (Isabella); Measure for Measure–Michigan Shakespeare Festival

Katherine Mayberry: Antony and Cleopatra–Pigeon Creek Shakespeare

Lynnette Call: As You Like It–Maggie Allesee Department of Theatre and Dance at Wayne State University

Scott Lange: Richard III–Pigeon Creek Shakespeare Company

12. Winner: Best Performance – Theater for Young Audiences: Dan Morrison, The Elves and The Schumachers, Theatre Nova

Dan Morrison: The Elves and The Schumachers–Theatre Nova

Sandy Ryder: Charlotte’s Web–Wild Swan Theatre

Brandon A. Wright; The Little Prince–Flint Repertory Theatre

Sifiso Mabena, Riddle of the Trilobites, Flint Repertory Theatre

13. Winner: Best Performance, Lead Actor – Musical: Steve DeBruyne, Hunchback of Notre Dame, The Dio Dining & Entertainment


Steve DeBruyne: The Wild Party–The Dio Dining & Entertainment

Steve DeBruyne: Hunchback of Notre Dame–The Dio Dining & Entertainment

Miguel Ragel Wilson: Bullets Over Broadway–The Barn Theatre

Chris French: Assassins–Flint Repertory Theatre

Jonnie Carpathios: Bonnie and Clyde–The Barn

Matthew Brennan: Brigadoon–Encore Musical Theatre

Brian Ogilvie: Once–Mason Street Warehouse

14. Winner Best Performance, Lead Actor – Play: Michael Lopetrone: The Glass Menagerie, Flint Repertory Theatre


Matthew Wallace: Significant Other–The Ringwald Theatre

Paul Stroili: A Doll’s House Pt. 2–Farmer’s Alley

Dave Davies: Impossibility of Now–Tipping Point Theatre

Joshua Whitson: The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time–Open Book Theatre

Troy Hussmann: The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time–Farmer’s Alley Theatre

Michael Lopetrone: The Glass Menagerie–Flint Repertory Theatre

Steve Wojtas: To Quiet the Quiet–The Williamston Theatre

Mike Olsem, Glengarry Glen Ross–Monster Box Theatre

15. Winner Best Performance, Lead Actress – Musical: TIE Elizabeth Jaffe, The Wild Party, Dio Dining & Entertainment; and Julie Benko, Once, Mason Street Warehouse.


Marlene Inman: Hello Dolly–Encore Musical Theatre

Elizabeth Jaffe: The Wild Party–The Dio

Rachel Grindle: Hairspray–The Barn Theatre

Maya Lagerstam: The Wiz–Hope Summer Repertory Theatre

Emily Hadick: The Spitfire Grill–Meadow Brook Theatre

Julie Benko: Once–Mason Street Warehouse

Melissa Hunter: Bullets Over Broadway–The Barn Theatre

Denene Mulay Koch: Bridges of Madison County–Farmers Alley

Susan Jacokes, Head Over Heels, The Ringwald Theatre

16. Winner Best Performance, Lead Actress – Play TIE: Diane Hill, The How and The Why, Theatre Nova; Michelle Mountain, All My Sons, The Purple Rose Theatre Company


Michelle Mountain: All My Sons–The Purple Rose Theatre Company

Sarah Clare Corporandy: The Beauty Queen of Leenane–Detroit Public Theatre

Penelope Alex: Noises Off–The Barn Theatre

Diane Hill: The How and the Why–Theatre Nova

Elizabeth Terrel: A Doll’s House Pt. 2–Farmer’s Alley

Janet Haley: The Glass Menagerie–Flint Repertory Theatre

Maggie Gilkes: Three Tall Women–Slipstream Theatre Initiative

Danielle Peck: Interference–The Matrix Theatre

Nancy Elizabeth Kammer: Milvotchkee, Visconsin–Kickshaw Theatre

17. Winner Best Performance–Supporting Actor–Musical: Marcus Martin, The Wiz, Hope Summer Repertory Theatre


Chris Blisset: Once–Mason Street Warehouse

Marcus Martin: The Wiz–Hope Summer Repertory Theatre

Miguel Ragel Wilson: Bonnie and Clyde–The Barn Theatre

Patrick Hunter: Bonnie and Clyde–The Barn

Keith Kalinowski: The Hunchback of Notre Dame–The Dio

Aaron Dennis Smith: A Christmas Story The Musical–The Riverbank Theatre:

John DeMerell: Young Frankenstein–The Penny Seats Theatre Company

Brian Sage–Guide to Love and Murder–Tibbits Opera House

18. Winner Best Performance, Supporting Actress–Musical: Kasady Kwiatkowska, Hairspray, The Barn Theatre


Shinnerrie Jackson: The Civil War–The Barn Theatre

Kasady Kwiatkowska: Hairspray–The Barn Theatre

Madeline Jones: The Wiz–Hope Summer Rep

Peggy Lee: The Rocky Horror Picture Show–The Ringwald Theatre

K. Edmonds–Willow Run–Purple Rose Theatre Company

Alaina Kerr–The Hunchback of Notre Dame-The Dio

Maya Gangadaran: Murder Ballad–The Penny Seats Theatre Company

Elisabeth Garber: Next To Normal–The Encore Musical Theatre

Corey Goodrich: Once–The Mason Street Warehouse

19. Winner Best Performance, Supporting Actor – Play: Jeremy Koch, The Curious Incident of the Dog In The Night-Time, Farmers Alley Theatre


John Lepard: A Hunting Shack Christmas–Williamston Theatre

Joe Zarrow: Comedy of Tenors–The Tipping Point

Jeremy Koch: The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time– Farmer’s Alley

John Lepard: To Quiet the Quiet, Williamston Theatre

Patrick Hunter: Run For Your Wife–The Barn Theatre

Michael Brian Ogden: The Beauty Queen of Leenane–Detroit Public Theatre

20. Winner Best Performance, Supporting Actress – Play: Karen Sheridan, Silent Sky, The Williamston Theatre


Maggie Meyer: The Miss Firecracker Contest–Tipping Point Theatre

Karen Sheridan: The Beauty Queen of Leenane–Detroit Public Theatre

Wendy Katz Hiller: Steel Magnolias–The Dio

Dani Cochrane: Cry It Out–Detroit Public Theatre

Karen Sheridan: Silent Sky–Williamston Theatre

Annie Dilworth: The Wolves: Slipstream Theatre Initiative

Akia Smith: At the Table–Exit Left

Sandra Birch: New Releases–Williamston Theatre

Kelly Komlen: Death of a Salesman–The Ringwald Theatre

Lani Call: Angels in America–Maggie Allesee Department of Theatre and Dance at Wayne State University

21. Winner Best Teamwork: TIE Patrick Loos and Aral Gribble Popcorn Falls, Tipping Point; Maggie Gilkes, Jeannine Thompson and Maggie Alger, Three Tall Women, Slipstream Theatre Initiative


Patrick Loos and Aral Gribble: Popcorn Falls–Tipping Point

Penelope Alex and Charlie King: Disaster!–The Barn Theater

Sara Frank-Hepfer and Elie Wiese: Chalk–Ixion Theatre

Maggie Gilkes, Jeannine Thompson, and Maggie Alger: Three Tall Women–Slipstream Theatre Initiative.

Cheyenne Bolt, Mallorie Green and Cynthia Burton: Little Shop of Horrors–The Riverbank

Robert Newman and Charlie King: Hairspray–The Barn Theatre

Cast Hunchback of Notre Dame–Dio Dining and Entertainment

Joshua Brown and Dani Cochrane: Venus in Fur–Outvisible Theatre

Cast of Kill Move Paradise: Theatre Nova

22. Winner Best Choreography: Chaz Sanders, The Wiz, Hope Summer Repertory


Matthew Brennan: West Side Story–The Encore Musical Theatre

Kasady Kwiatkowska: Hairspray–The Barn Theatre

Chaz Sanders: The Wiz–Hope Summer Rep

J. M. Rebudal: Godspell–Hope Summer Rep

Chelsea Nicole Lapp, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time–Farmer’s Alley

23. Winner Best Design – Costumes: TIE Katy Kettles and SaDonna Croff, Fight Girl Battle World, Ixion Theatre; Sharon Larkey Urick, Brigadoon, The Encore Musical Theatre


Cal Schwartz: Head Over Heels–The Ringwald Theatre.  

Andrew Vincent: The Wiz–Hope Summer Repertory Theatre

Lauren Alexander: Bullets Over Broadway–The Barn Theatre

Loren Shaw and Sean Devare: Assassins–Flint Repertory Theatre

Suzanne Young: Comedy of Tenors–Tipping Point Theatre

Haley Cavanaugh: As You Like It–Maggie Allesee Department of Theatre and Dance at Wayne State University

Katherine Nelson (costumes) and Amanda Villalobos (puppets): Riddle of the Trilobites: Flint Repertory Theatre

Katy Kettles and SaDonna Croff: Fight Girl Battle World–Ixion

Norma Polk: Hunchback of Notre Dame–The Dio Dining and Entertainment

Sharon Larkey Urick: Brigadoon: The Encore Musical Theatre

24. Winner Best Design – Lights: Lanford Potts, Bridges of Madison County, Farmers Alley


Brandy Joe Plambeck: The Cake–The Ringwald Theatre

Lanford Potts; Bridges of Madison County–Farmers Alley

Alan Piotrowicz: The Wiz; Hope Summer Repertory Theatre

Eric Van Tassell: An Iliad–Hope Summer Repertory Theatre

Charles MacLeod: Dixie’s Never Wear a Tube Top While Riding a Mechanical Bull and 16 Other Things I Learned While I Was Drinking Last Thursday–Mason Street Warehouse

Jason Frink:The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time; Farmer’s Alley

25. Winner Best Design – Props: Michelle Raymond, Silent Sky, The Williamston Theatre

Haley Borodine: An Iliad–Hope Summer Repertory Theatre

Sam Rudy and Michael Wilson Morgan: Disaster!–The Barn Theater

Michelle Raymond, Silent Sky–Williamston Theatre

Hansel and Gretel–Michigan Opera Theatre

Pegi Marshall: The Beauty Queen of Leenane–Detroit Public Theatre

26. Winner Best Design–Sets: TIE Matthew Tomich, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, The Dio Dining & Entertainment; Shane Cinal, The Boatman, Flint Repertory Theatre


Sarah Pearline: Willow Run–The Purple Rose Theatre Company

Matthew Tomich: The Hunchback of Notre Dame–The Dio Dining and Entertainment

Kristin Gribbin: Arsenic and Old Lace–Meadow Brook Theatre

Shane Cinal: The Boatman–Flint Repertory Theatre

Moníka Essen – Impossibility of Now–Tipping Point Theatre

Michael Wilson Morgan and Samantha Snow: Bonnie and Clyde–The Barn Theatre

Eric Niece: Ada and the Engine–Open Book Theatre

27. Winner Best Design – Sound or Video: TIE Bradley Branam, Silent Sky, The Williamston Theatre; Sarah Pearline, A Christmas Carol, Maggie Allesee Dept. of Theatre and Dance at Wayne State

Kate Hopgood: The Tempest–Michigan Shakespeare Festival

Josh Schmidt: An Iliad–Hope Summer Repertory Theatre

Bradley Branam: Silent Sky–The Williamston Theatre

Moníka Essen: Impossibility of Now–Tipping Point Theatre

Dan Morency: Angels in America–Maggie Allesee Department of Theatre and Dance at Wayne State University

Jason Painter Price: To Quiet the Quiet–Williamston Theatre

Sarah Pearline: A Christmas Carol–Maggie Allesee Department of Theatre and Dance at Wayne State University

28. Winner Best Music Direction: TIE Chris Blisset, Once, Mason Street Warehouse; Brad Phillips, Willow Run, The Purple Rose Theatre Company

Scott Lange: Henry VII–Pigeon Creek Shakespeare Company

Alex Thompson: Godspell–Hope Summer Repertory Theatre

Chris Blisset: Once–Mason Street Warehouse

Brent J. Decker: Bullets Over Broadway–The Barn Theatre

Brad Phillips: Willow Run–The Purple Rose Theatre Company

Brian Buckner: Songs About Stuff–Flint Repertory Theatre

Tyler Driskell: Brigadoon–The Encore Musical Theatre

29. Winner Best New Script: David Wells, Mazel Tov John Lennon, Theatre Nova.

David Wells: Mazel Tov John Lennon–Theatre Nova

Cary Crim: Never Not Once–Purple Rose Theatre Company

Maxim Vinogradov: Lost in 3 Pines–Slipstream Theatre Initiative

Joseph Zettelmaier: New Releases–The Williamston Theatre

Dan Kitrosser–Third Person–Great Escape Theatre

Christy Hall: To Quiet the Quiet–The Williamston Theatre

Jeffrey Duncan: Willow Run–The Purple Rose Theatre Company

James Hindman: What Doesn’t Kill You–The Snug Theatre

Congratulations to all the nominees, winners and theaters that give Michigan artists a place to work. We salute you!!!!!!

The Wilde Award plaques will be delivered to the theaters in the coming days. If any theater would like additional plaques (i.e. for individuals as well as for the theater lobby) email us at encorepress@gmail.com by September 1.

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