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Adam Weiner steps down at Farmers Alley

News March 21, 2022 Encore Staff

KALAMAZOO, Mich.–After fifteen years leading the executive team and operations of Farmers Alley Theatre as well as serving as the director and star of many of the theatre’s productions, Adam Weiner has announced he will step down as Executive Director effective April 1, 2022.

Weiner will remain active and involved in the theatre, specifically shaping the theatre’s 2022/2023 Season.

Adam Weiner

“To say that it has been the honor of my life to serve as the Executive Director of Farmers Alley Theatre would be an understatement,” said Weiner. “Ever since that fateful conversation in a parking lot in 2007, I wanted this journey to be about friendship, passion and giving a deserving community an extraordinary theatrical experience. I have found all of those elements in abundance.”

Weiner continued: “I am sincerely grateful that Farmers Alley Theatre is in a place where it can be healthy due to the leadership and experience of my fellow founders and dedicated staff. The theatrical landscape in Kalamazoo includes Farmers Alley, and I believe that the community supports us along with all the other deserving arts organizations in our region. The theater is ready to take the next step as a vital arts organization in the community. I, for one, cannot wait to see what is on the horizon.”

Weiner says he is looking forward to a smooth transition with the board, staff, and his colleagues, and many years to come as a patron, donor, and champion of Farmers Alley Theatre.


Robert Weiner will assume the role of Executive Director, responsible for leading the staff and collaborating closely with the artistic leadership of the organization. Robert reports to the Board of Directors at Farmers Alley Theatre. He will focus primarily on developing and implementing the strategic plan for the theatre. As a vocal advocate for the organization, Weiner will actively lead donor and grant development, financial management and work with Actors Equity Association and theatrical publishers to continue Farmers Alley Theater’s commitment to the highest quality of professional productions. 

“When Adam, Jeremy, Denene, and I first conceived of Farmers Alley Theatre back in 2007, I could have never dreamed of the heights we’ve touched with our art and the amount of pride and joy I’ve felt while interacting with thousands of artists and patrons every year,” said Robert Weiner.

“Adam’s departure, while sad to me, is not a hurdle to overcome but rather a new path from which to continue the growth of Farmers Alley Theatre. I am truly excited to take on this new position of Executive Director,” said Robert Weiner. “What gives me strength and courage are the people who surround me. Jeremy Koch in his newly created position of Managing Artistic Director will continue to be brother and partner to me. Together we continue to lead Farmers Alley Theatre forward.”


While Jeremy Koch will continue to focus primarily on ensuring the artistic integrity and excellence of every production produced by the organization, Koch’s role and responsibilities will now also focus on broader strategic goals such as expanding awareness of the organization in our community and implementation of new programs that will offer more artistic innovation and growth for the theatre. Koch will also continue to facilitate the theatre’s IDEA (inclusion, diversity, equity, and access) Committee in their collective dedication to these critically important efforts. He will focus on evolving the Theatre For Young Audiences program and growing the theatre’s education offerings, with a tight focus on partnership development and community-building efforts.

“Farmers Alley Theatre means the world to me. I’m honored to have founded this organization alongside Rob, Adam, and Denene,” said Koch. “I feel fortunate to be one of the people that helps make the organization thrive, as there are dozens of people too numerous to mention who helped build Farmers Alley and whose time, talents, and dedication are invaluable to the success of this theatre.”

Farmers Alley Theatre has flourished under the leadership of its co-founders Adam Weiner, Robert Weiner, Jeremy Koch, and Denene Mulay Koch. It has become one of Michigan’s premier arts organizations, known for producing exciting and innovative work of the highest quality. Known for its eclectic programming of both contemporary and classic productions, the theatre is the recipient of 18 Wilde Awards – Michigan’s equivalent of The Tony Awards for professional theatre in the state. 

The theatre survived a tumultuous eighteen months throughout the COVID-19 pandemic but never lost touch with its patrons and fans by pivoting to outdoor and digital programming in partnership with Broadway On Demand, delivering entertaining and innovative content to audiences across the country. 

Farmers Alley Theatre joyfully returned to live performances in their downtown Kalamazoo theatre in October of 2021 thanks to the generosity of its patrons, donors, sponsors as well as local and national grants to assist in its recovery.

Farmers Alley Theatre will continue to be passionately dedicated to its mission to create the highest quality professional productions that entertain while inspiring, educating, and communicating with audiences to reflect on the diverse human experience.