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Theatre NOVA shifts season offerings

News March 24, 2023 David Kiley

ANN ARBOR, MI–Theatre NOVA announces a revised schedule for the remainder of its 2022-2023 season.

Revised Dates are as follows:

SPLATTERED, by Hal Davis and Carla Milarch: April 21 – May 14
ARABIC TO ENGLISH, by David Wells: June 2 – 25
MLIMA’S TALE, by Lynn Nottage: September 1 – 24

Why the change? Founding Artistic Director Carla Milarch says “MLIMA’S TALE is a complex, challenging piece of theatre. It requires a director that is both culturally suitable and versed in many theatre styles and modalities. It presents very specific casting and design requirements. Despite our best efforts, at this time, we do not have the director and cast in place to adequately address these challenges.”

“Because we are committed to providing audiences with the highest quality productions possible and providing culturally safe spaces for artists to work in, and because we want to make sure that our production takes the necessary time to honor the complicated history, multicultural characters, and difficult conversations in the show, we will move MLIMA’S TALE to the end of the season.”

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