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Theatre Thirty3 opens ‘Circle, Mirror, Transformation’ 8/4-8/19

Show Announcement July 11, 2023

DETROIT, MI–Theatre Thirty3 is pleased to open its production of “CIRCLE, MIRROR, TRANSFORMATION” by Annie Baker, from Aug 4 through Aug 19, 2023.

Theatre Thirty3, the new Detroit area nonprofit professional theatre will open “CIRCLE, MIRROR, TRANSFORMATION” at the Marlene Boll Theatre in Detroit MI, Aug 4 – 19.

“CIRCLE, MIRROR, TRANSFORMATION” by Pulitzer Prize winning playwright Annie Baker, is an Obie Award Winner for Best New American Play. “Absorbing, unblinking and sharply funny”, said The New York Times. “Inward looking play about inward looking people”…Annie Baker’s play is a self-reflective love letter to the process of theatre.”

Over a 6 week acting class, 5 souls move through a series of acting exercises, ranging from heartbreaking to ridiculous. They search, connect, explore, examine and push themselves to step out of the comfort zone and enter the dangerous world of “truth”. “CIRCLE, MIRROR, TRANSFORMATION” takes these characters and the audience on a transcendent journey through the simple, into the profound.

Directed by Dennis North, the acting ensemble includes Jeannine Thompson (Marty), Ashley Croft (Theresa), Peter Cary (James), Alyssia Rogers (Lauren), and Justin Gnagi (Schultz). The production and design team include Reyne Ylem (Production Manager), Lillian Bishop (Social Media Director), Ashley Croft (Web Design), Ryan Ernst (Scenic Design/Construction), Seth Amadei (SM/Lighting Design), Dani Hamm (Rehearsal SM), Reyne Ylem and Peter Schade (Poster Design).

The Marlene Boll Theatre/Boll Family YMCA is located at 1401 Broadway St., Detroit, MI 48226. Performances are on Thurs, Fri, Sat nights at 8pm. General admission tickets are $25. Tickets may be purchased online at theatrethirty3.org. Ample parking is available on the street, the Z Lot or at the Opera House Parking. Theatre seating begins 30 minutes before each performance.

Theatre Magic and a tenet of 33%. Theatre Thirty3 is a non-profit theatre company dedicated to professionally producing aesthetically and socially challenging pieces of live theatre. By bringing together a core group of diverse and varied actors, writers and directors, Theatre Thirty3 provides relevant theatrical experiences to a diverse and varied Metro Detroit audience base. It is our belief that theatre and the theatre arts are a force for not only entertainment, but also healing, enlightenment, inclusion and love. Live theatre and original storytelling has a power to bring audiences together in a way that no other medium is capable of. A power that not only eases the burdens of daily life, but also acts as a conduit for strangers sitting in a dark space, to see and collectively experience the world of humanity in a different light. That is the magic of theatre. It’s also 33s belief, that part of that magic is to give back. One of 33s tenets is to donate 33% of all proceeds to a worthy cause. For this production, we are partnering with MPF – Michigan Parkinson’s Foundation. We couldn’t be happier with our MPF relationship and thank you in advance for supporting this cause with us.

Marlene Boll Theatre/Boll Family YMCA, 1401Broadway St., Detroit, MI 48226

Performance Schedule…Aug 4 – 19

Fri., Aug 4, 8pm – Opening Night

Sat., Aug 5, 8pm

Thurs., Aug 10, 8pm

Fri., Aug 11, 8pm

Sat., Aug 12, 8pm

Thurs., Aug 17, 8pm

Fri., Aug 18, 8pm

Sat., Aug 19, 8pm

theatrethirty3.org – theatrethirty3@gmail.com

At Theatre Thirty3, we are dedicated to new works, new voices, new classics and new experiences for Metro Detroit audiences.   

Status – 501(c)(3)

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