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Flint Rep Holds Season Auditions July 17-18

June 30, 2023

The Flint Repertory Theatre, one of the most awarded theaters in Michigan, is holding auditions for its 2023-2024 season on July 17-18.

In Person: July 17th and July 18th from 12:00pm – 8:00pm; Deadline for video submissions: July 18, 2023

Flint Repertory Theatre

: Season Generals


Flint Repertory Theatre is seeking AEA and Non-Union actors for the 2023-24 Season.We will be holding in-person auditions and accepting video submissions this season.

Flint Rep is committed to diversity and encourages performers of all ethnicities, gender identities, and ages, as well as performers with disabilities, to audition.

Flint Rep is a fully vaccinated company with Actors Equity and all actors must provide proof of vaccination before rehearsals.



By Karen Saari

World Premiere Play

Developed in Flint Rep’s 2022 New Works Festival

Rehearsals: August 15 – September 14, 2023

Performances: September 15 – October 1, 2023

Elgood Theater

Marie comes home to plan her addicted mother Lorraine’s funeral. “Rain” left a surprising final wish for Marie and her cousin Caleb, a meth user, to fulfill together. Marie struggles with her anger and loss in a tense, and often funny, play that deals with the opiate crisis in Michigan’s northwoods. Developed in Flint Rep’s 2022 New Works Festival.


[MARIE PETERSON]: Female, late 30s to early 40 something white. The only child of Ned and Lorraine “Rain” Peterson. Fraught with the pent up energy of the loved one of an addict, sad, angry, obligated.

[CALEB PETERSON]: Male, 34, Marie’s cousin. Caleb is mixed-race, though no one is absolutely certain of his heritage or biological father. He is kind at heart but struggles with ADHD. Currently coping with a meth addiction through the occasional N.A. meeting.

[NAN PETERSON]: Female, late 50s to early 60s, white. Marie’s aunt through marriage, and ‘Rain’s best friend since high school. Nan is an LPN/home health care worker. She’s had struggles and it shows. In all but one scene, she is wearing her scrubs and never without her large purse. Strong “Yooper” accent.

[EINO (EY-no) PETERSON]: Male, late 50s to early 60 something white guy. Nan’s husband and Marie’s uncle. Eino is a gentle soul, a long-time recovering alcoholic and a classic enabler. He speaks in a slow Yooper accent.

[CHUCK THOMAS]: Male, late 30s to early 40s, Marie’s partner. Wants to marry Marie but getting impatient. Compassionate about the situation but wants Marie to let go of history.

[GLORIA PIZZI-RAMIREZ]: Female, can be any age. ‘Rain believed her to be Latina. She is a nurse practitioner who cared for ‘Rain. Honest, compassionate and often funny


Book and Lyrics by Howard Ashman

Music by Alan Menken

Based on the Film by Roger Corman

Screenplay by Charles Griffith

Rehearsals: October 30 – November 16, 2023

Performances: November 17, 18, 2023

Concert at The Capitol Theatre

Flint Rep takes over the Capitol Theatre with a special fully staged concert production of this wildly inventive, hit rock musical featuring a cast of Broadway stars and Michigan performers.


[SEYMOUR KRELBORN]: Male, Any Ethnicity, Mid 20’s-30’s. Introverted and insecure, he is naive and put-upon. In spite of his flaws, he’s a sweet, genuine and well-meaning man. A struggling introvert who comes from poverty, but has a hero’s heart; genuine, with a strong moral center, equally at home in comedy and pathos; bari-tenor; can sing musical theater but also cut loose into a rock sound. Vocals: Tenor, G4-A2.

[AUDREY]: Female, Any Ethnicity, Mid 20’s-30’s. A sweet and vulnerable girl from the wrong side of the tracks. She is all heart beneath her peroxide blonde hair and pin-up girl outfits. Audrey works with Seymour at the flower shop and is the love of his life. Lacking in education and self-esteem, she has beautiful dreams for the future despite the hopelessness of her situation, including her abusive relationship. Billie-Dawn-like vulnerable demeanor. Soprano with strong rock mix/belt. Vocals: Soprano with belt, D5-G#3

[MR. MUSHNIK]: Male, Any Ethnicity, Mid 50’s-60’s. The seasoned owner of the failing East Side flower shop and Seymour’s nosy boss. He is a good man who is given the chance to turn into a greedy one, and (sadly) takes it; Often yells and complains in Yiddish. Vocals: Baritone, F4-G2

[ORIN SCRIVELLO]: Male, Any Ethnicity, 30’s-40’s. An egotistical dentist with a passion for leather and sadistic tendencies; Audrey’s abusive boyfriend. This character also plays other roles including A Voice not unlike God’s, Wino, Customer, Radio Announcer, Mr. Bernstein, Mrs. Luce, Skip Snip, Patrick Martin. Seeking a strong comic actor with great transformational skills and an edge. Vocals: Baritone, G4-G2.

[VOICE of AUDREY II]: Any gender, Any Ethnicity, 20’s-50’s. A conniving, funky, anthropomorphic mystical plant that has an appetite for human flesh. Strong Rhythm and Blues voice, a cross between Otis Redding and Wolfman Jack. Must be comfortable as a fierce Drag performer, think Dr. Frankenfurter meets Barry White. Actor may perform as an offstage voice or as an onstage, costumed embodiment. Vocals: Baritone-Bass, G4-G2.

[CRYSTAL, RONNETTE, AND CHIFFON]: (3 Separate Roles): Female, African American, 20’s-30’s. Street urchins and our musical guides through the story, sometimes acting as a Greek Chorus – the only ones with a grip on reality, they know what’s coming. Young, energetic and street smart with a sharp sense of humor. Seeking actors with strong Motown- style vocals and adept with tight harmonies and choreography.

Vocals: Alto/Mezzo/Sop, F5-Ab3.


By James Anthony Tyler

Directed by Ken-Matt Martin

World Premiere Play

Developed in Flint Rep’s 2022 New Works Festival

Rehearsals: January 4 – February 1, 2024

Performances: February 2 – 18, 2024

Elgood Theater

At a Historically Black University in 2004, 6 fraternity brothers rehearse for the annual

Homecoming Step Show. As they rehearse, issues such as mental illness, toxic masculinity, and war bring all of the young men into battle with each other. Is their brotherhood strong enough to keep them united?


[ZARREL ZUTTAH]: 22 / Male / African American. A recent graduate and born leader. In the military.

[ALLEN BISHOP]: 20 / Male / African American. A Junior in college majoring in Political Science. A thinker.

[STANLEY PLUMMER]: 21 / Male / African American. A Senior in college. Dealing with grief and depression.

[FRED BYNES]: 21 / Male / African American. A Senior in college. A wise historian and Notorious B.I.G. fan who played high school basketball with LeBron James.

[VIC NORRIS]: 20 / Male / African American. A Junior in college. A Detroit born and bred Republican with a broken heart.

[PERRY SAMPLE]: 21 / Male / African American. A Senior in college. A die hard 2Pac fan, jokester, former playboy, and Chapter President of the fraternity.


By Edward Albee

Rehearsals: February 20 – March 21, 2024

Performances: March 22 – April 7, 2024

Elgood Theater

It’s 2AM and George and Martha are just getting started. The middle-aged married couple, a once-promising historian and his boss’s frustrated daughter, welcome a younger professor and his wife for a nightcap—only to ensnare them in increasingly dangerous rounds of fun and games. An unblinking portrait of two American marriages, Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf is Edward Albee’s explosively comedic and harrowingly profound masterpiece.


[MARTHA]: Female, fifty-two, any ethnicity. the daughter of the President of the University; with quick-witted and often vicious eloquence, Martha seems to lay it all out on the table while simultaneously holding her cards close to her chest; her past is full of aspirations, brokendreams, and emotional trauma. CAST.

[GEORGE]: Male, forty-six, any ethnicity. Martha’s husband. A brilliant academic who works for Martha’s father, he married his love before his career became a glaring disappointment; he rebels with a clever and sarcastic reverie that rivals his wife’s brutality. CAST.

[HONEY]: Female, Twenty-six, any ethnicity. Petite. She prefers laughing and lightness to complex conversations; fairly drunk throughout; married to Nick.

[NICK]: Male, Late twenties,any ethnicity. Honey’s husband; well put-together, good-looking; he is a newly-appointed faculty member in the Biology Dept. and looking to climb quickly up the career ladder.


Rehearsals: April 22-25, 2023

Performances: April 26 – 28, 2023

SEEKING a variety of actors for staged readings of new plays and musicals. All ethnicities.


Book and Lyrics by Steven Sater

Music by Duncan Sheik

Directed and Choreographed by Derek Van Barham

Rehearsals: May 7 – June 6, 2024

Performances: June 7 – 23, 2024

Elgood Theater

Please note that this show contains mature content. Prior to auditioning, we recommend actors to familiarize themselves with the script.


[WENDLA BERGMAN]: Female, 18+, any ethnicity. A sweet, but naive young girl who is trapped in her family’s unwillingness to teach her about the adult world, but with every passing day, she grows bolder and more curious about her body. Both vulnerable and a willing participant in her evolution. Vocals: Pop Soprano.

[ILSE NEUMANN]: Female, 18+, any ethnicity. A misguided young girl who runs away from an abusive home to live in an artists’ colony. Kind and resilient while also broken and stuck in a cycle of abuse. There is a strong emotional connection between Ilse and Moritz; perhaps in another life they could have been happy together. Vocals: Pop Soprano/Belter.

[MARTHA BESSELL]: Female, 18+, any ethnicity. One of Wendla’s friends who is abused by her father, and she keeps the worst of the abuse to herself. She has a crush on Moritz, and is chastised by the other girls for it. Best friend of Anna and protective of her. Vocals: Alto/Belter.

[ANNA]: Female, 18+, any ethnicity. A kind school girl and Martha’s best friend. She is more aware of injustice than the other girls and recognizes that what happens to Wendla is wrong. Has a secret crush on Martha. Vocals: Mezzo-Soprano.

[THEA]: Female, 18+, .any ethnicity. A confrontational school girl and Wendla’s best friend. Outwardly believes the adults but secretly questions the blind faith demanded of her. Does not want to rock the boat. Vocals: Alto.

[MELCHIOR GABOR]: Male, 18+, any ethnicity. A headstrong, smart and charismatic schoolboy. He knows much more than the others because of what he reads in books and is able to see the corruption in society. His radical points of view about most things are correct but misunderstood. He falls in love with Wendla. There is possibility for partial or implied nudity and sexually explicit conduct for this staging. An intimacy Coordinator will be provided for this process. Vocals: Bari-Tenor.

[MORITZ STIEFEL]: Male, 18+, any ethnicity. Melchior’s intense and nervous best friend. He has an overwhelming confusion relating to sexual feelings, which seems comedic at first, but quickly develops into a serious issue for him. The system has failed him. Highly sensitive and aware of his inability to fit into the system. Feels like a failure. One of the childhood four: Wendla, Melchior, Moritz and Ilse. Vocals: Tenor

[HANSCHEN / RUPERT]: Male, 18+, any ethnicity. A cunning and attractive schoolboy, who manipulates the other students, especially Ernst, whom he seduces. Like Melchior, he also appears to be very intelligent, but uses his knowledge in favor of the system. Vocals: Tenor.

[ERNST / REINHOLDT]: Male, 18+, any ethnicity. A sweet and naive classmate. He is Hänschen’s love interest. Vocals: Bari-Tenor.

[GEORG / DIETER]: Male, 18+, any ethnicity. A hormonal schoolboy who lusts after his older, busty piano teacher. Vocals: Tenor.

[OTTO / ULBRECHT]: Male 18+, any ethnicity. Another schoolboy who has a disturbing dream about his mother. Vocals: Bari-Tenor.

[ADULT WOMAN]: Plays a variety of rigid adult roles. Characters include: FRAU BERGMAN, Wendla’s mother; FRAULEIN KNUPPELDICK; FRAULEIN GROSSEBUSTENHALTER, Georg’s piano teacher; FRAU GABOR, Melchior’s mother; and FRAU BESSELL, Martha’s mother. Vocals: Mezzo-Soprano.

[ADULT MAN]: Plays a variety of rigid adult roles. Characters include: HERR SONNENSTITCH, the boys’ teacher; HEADMASTER KNOCHENBRUCH; HERR NEUMANN, Ilse’s father; HERR RILOW, Hanschen’s father; HERR STEIFEL, Moritz’s father; FATHER KAULBACH; DOCTOR VON BRAUSEPULVER; HERR GABOR, Melchior’s father; and SCHMIDT. Vocals: Bari-Tenor.


Please prepare a short monologue no longer than 2 minutes. Those wishing to be considered for musicals should prepare a monologue no longer than 2 minutes and a contemporary musical theatre song of your choice. An accompanist will be provided at in person auditions.

For submissions, videos can be submitted via a link to your Vimeo, YouTube, personal website or other online account you prefer through the form listed on our website. Videos should be viewable without requiring downloads. Submissions should include a digital copy of your headshot and resume.


For any additional info, go to https://thefim.org/flint-repertory-theatre/about/auditions

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