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Michigan Irish Rep casting for “Come On Home”

February 24, 2023

“Come On Home is play by Irish playwright Philip McMahon. It is a new-ish play, having premiered at the historic Abbey Theatre in Dublin in 2018.

Three brothers reunite following the death of their beloved mother. Estranged Michael hesitantly leaves the bright lights of London, returning to his dim provincial home town in Ireland. Banished from his home 20 years earlier for being gay, Michael receives a sincere if awkward welcome from his earnest younger brother Ray, and a hostile reception from his volatile older brother Brian. Spirited Aoife and cynical Martina play Ray and Brian’s fabulously feisty and strong-willed partners.

An alcohol fuelled interrogation of a dysfunctional Irish family, “Come On Home” follows three brothers through their secrets and self aware confessionals as they gather to wake their dear departed Mother. The parlour walls may be dripping with resentment, but they’re held together by layers of masculine sentimentality and Irish family love.

This is a U.S. premiere of this play, which deals with the ongoing scandal within the Catholic Church regarding predatory priests.

The performances will take place at The Boll Theatre in Detroit.

Michigan Irish Rep

: Come ON Home


March 13, 7Pm to 9PM. Via zoom. Those who are interested, email encorepress@gmail.com and request a ten minute slot. Times will be granted first come first serve.

A Zoom link will be provided when a slot is requested.

Send resume and headshot when you email to request an appointment.


To schedule an appointment:

Email encorepress@gmail.com.

(Male)Michael: Presents between 40-45

(Male) Ray: Presents between 25-35.

(Male) Brian: presents between 45-55. This role is pre-cast.

(Female) Aoife: Ray’s gilfriend presents 25-33

(Female) Martina: Brian’s wife: presents 45-60 This role is pre-cast

(Male) Father Aidan: Presents around 60

(Male) Father Seamus: Presents around 65-75


The Irish Rep casts according to talent alone. Actors of any race and gender  identity are encouraged to seek roles.




Michael has been away for twenty years from his family. He left the seminary under unsettled circumstances. His brother Ray is generally happy to see him home again. Brian is very conflicted. Michael has things to hide, as well things to talk about that aren’t easy.

Ray is the youngest son, and he has never left the village. He took over his father’s barbering business after he died, and runs it out of the home, having lost the actual shop. Ray is unsophisticated. Was a poor student. Good hearted, though, if a bit dim.

Aoife: Edgy and funny.

Father Aidan: The parish priest, with something to hide. A gentle man, likable man.

Father Seamus: Elderly Catholic priest, somewhat unaware of things around him.

The play will NOT be done in Irish accents.

Familiarize yourself with the story from the below links. And prepare the sides provided. State what part you are interested in when you request an audition slot.




$250 stipend and two tickets with a possibility of bonus based on ticket sales.

Rehearsals will be chiefly in August, and will be held primarily in Detroit, with a possibilty of a Saline location being used as well.

We will do a table read of the play in Early April after casting is complete. Subsequent reads will take place by zoom between April 1 and August 1.

Actors will be expected to be 90% off book to rehearse in the physical space August 1.

September  8,9,10, 14, 15, 16, 17 at The Boll Theatre in Detroit. 9/14 is in industry night.


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