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Meadow Brook auditions for 2024-2025 season April 29, 30

April 15, 2024

Meadow Brook Theatre Company

: 2024-2025 Season: Strangers on a Train, A Christmas Carol, Footloose, The Angel Next Door, Vanities: The Musical, The Rate Pack Lounge, & Shear Madness


April 29th & April 30th from 9:00am – 1:00pm & 2:00pm – 6:00pm

Location of auditions:
Meadow Brook Theatre
378 Meadow Brook Rd.
Rochester, MI 48309


To schedule an appointment:

AEA appointments available. To schedule an appointment:
casting.mbt@gmail.com subject “appointment request”

Non-AEA walk ins welcome and taken in order of arrival.

Actors for Meadow Brook Theatre’s 2024-2025 Season

Character breakdown:
“Strangers on a Train”
– Charles Bruno
– Guy Haines
– Elsie Bruno
– Anne Faulkner
– Frank Myers
– Robert Treacher
– Arthur Gerard

“A Christmas Carol”
– Scrooge and ensemble to play multiple roles.
(Most roles expected to be played by returning cast.)

– Ren Mccormack – a teenage boy from Chicago
– Ethel Mccormack – his mother
– Reverend Shaw Moore – the minister of Bomont
– Vi Moore – his wife
– Ariel Moore – their teenage daughter
– Lulu Warnicker – Ren’s aunt
– Wes Warnicker – her husband
– Coach Roger Dunbar – the high school gym teacher
– Eleanor Dunbar – his wife
– Rusty – Ariel’s best friend
– Urleen – Ariel’s friend
– Wendy Jo – Ariel’s friend
– Chuck Cranston – Ariel’s boyfriend
– Lyle – Chuck’s buddy
– Travis – Chuck’s buddy
– A Cop
– Betty Blast – owner of The Burger Blast
– Willard Hewitt – Ren’s friend, a country boy
– Principal Harry Clark
– Jeter – Ren’s friend
– Bickle – Ren’s friend
– Garvin – Ren’s friend
– Cowboy Bob – lead vocalist at the Bar-B-Que
– Cowboy Bob’s Band
– Townspeople & High School Students

“The Angel Next Door”
– Charlotte Sanders – a successful Broadway playwright; smart, resourceful, optimistic; female, 50’s to 60’s
– Oliver Williams – a young novelist; handsome, full of promise, still unsure of himself; male, early- to mid-20’s
– Arthur Sanders – Charlotte’s husband and co-playwright; a pessimist to her optimist, delighted to be her foil; male, 50’s to 60’s
– Olga – the Housekeeper; a nebulous Eastern European accent – from the Old Country; a proudly unhelpful servant, intimidating, a little frightening; female, 40’s to 70’s
– Margot Bell – a Broadway singer and actress; easily cast as the beautiful ingenue, but realizing she’s wiser and stronger than the characters she plays; female, mid-20’s to early 30’s
– Victor Pratt – a Broadway leading man – and an idiot; impressively self-involved and – in his mind – the handsomest, sexiest, manliest man on Broadway. Always a beat behind; male, mid-30’s to 40’s

“Vanities: The Musical”
– Mary
– Joanne
– Kathy

“The Rat Pack Lounge”
Note about casting: The premise of the show is that Frank, Dean, and Sammy come back to earth and inhabit the bodies of living people. Therefore, none of the actors need to look anything like our stars, they just need to embody their essence.
– Vic Candelino – Down on his luck, owner of Vic’s Place. When Vic was a kid, Frank told him he would ‘one day be a star.’ He is now bankrupt and ready to throw in the towel.
– Bobby Goldberg/Sammy Davis, Jr. – the bartender at Vic’s Place, Bobby has known Vic sincere was a kid. Energetic and caring. His body is taken over by Sammy Davis Jr.
– William Saunders/Frank Sinatra – Real estate developer who wants to demolish Vic’s Place and build a parking lot for Hooters next door. His body is taken over by Sammy Davis Jr.
– Katherine Kerr/Angie – Mr. Saunders’ secretary. Very type A. Her body is taken over by Angie – An angel sent from above who uses her feminine wiles to influence men.
– Jorge Rodrigues/Dean Martin – Easy going guy. English is a second language. He loves the rat Pack. His body is taken over by Dean Martin.

“Shear Madness”
– Barbara Demarco – Hairstylist
– Mikey Thomas – A customer (an undercover Police Detective)
– Tony Whitcomb – Hairstylist, Owner of “Shear Madness”
– Eddie Lawrence – Antique Dealer
– Nick Rossetti – A customer (an undercover Police Lieutenant)
– Mrs. Shubert – High Society Hair Client

Current headshot & resume, prepare 2 contrasting monologues (no longer than 3 mins total). To be considered for “Footloose,” “Vanities: The Musical,” or “The Rat Pack Lounge”; substitute one monologue for 32 bars of a song in a style appropriate for one of the season’s shows.


AEA - $807 NON AEA - $475     

Strangers on a Train, 1st rehearsal 9/17/24
A Christmas Carol, 1st rehearsal 10/29/24
Footloose, 1st rehearsal 12/17/24
The Angel Next Door, 1st rehearsal 1/21/25
Vanities: The Musical, 1st rehearsal 2/25/25
The Rate Pack Lounge, 1st rehearsal 4/01/25
Shear Madness, 1st rehearsal 5/06/25

Strangers on a Train, opening performance 10/9/24 and closing performance 11/03/24
A Christmas Carol, opening performance 11/22/24 and closing performance 12/22/24
Footloose, opening performance 1/8/25 and closing performance 2/02/25
The Angel Next Door, opening performance 2/12/25 and closing performance 3/09/25
Vanities: The Musical opening performance 3/19/25 and closing performance 4/13/25
The Rat Pack Lounge opening performance 4/23/25 and closing performance 5/18/25
Shear Madness opening performance 5/28/25 and closing performance 6/22/25

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