Encore Michigan

EncoreMichigan Podcast: ‘Death of a Salesman’ in Flint; ‘Rent,’, ‘Doubt,’; The Taming, and Wilde Awards Update

podcast September 22, 2022
DEARBORN, MI–Play this week's EncoreMichigan podcast where we do a roundup of offerings at Michigan's professional theatres, update news about the 2022-23 Wilde Awards and... Continue Reading

TheatreTalk: Podcast with Encore Musical Theatre’s Dan Cooney, talking about what’s next

podcast May 25, 2021
DEXTER, MI--The Encore Musical Theatre here is undergoing radical changes. The theatre, which has focused its offerings over the last decade on big musicals in... Continue Reading

Podcast: Ashley Lyle and Dan Johnson talk to David Kiley about racism in Michigan Theatre

podcast July 17, 2020
DEARBORN, Mich.--EncoreMichigan editor-in-chief David Kiley spoke with BLAQN (Black Literature and Arts Queens Network) founder Ashley Lyle and actor and BLAQN associate Dan Johnson for... Continue Reading

TheatreTalk Podcast: The state of Michigan theatre, the new Wilde Awards, racism and ‘Driveway Theatre’

podcast June 29, 2020
Push the play button to listen DEARBORN, Mich--There is very little theatre to review or even talk about. But that doesn't mean that we don't... Continue Reading

ICYMI: TheaterTalk discusses new plays at Planet Ant,Flint Rep and Michigan Irish Rep

podcast December 11, 2019
ANN ARBOR, Mich. EncoreMichigan publisher David Kiley did his 50th TheatreTalk with Michigan Radio's Stateside and host Cynthia Canty, who is retiring this month. Thank... Continue Reading

ICYMI: TheatreTalk with David Kiley on Stateside.

podcast November 01, 2019
ANN ARBOR, Mich.–EncoreMichigan editor David Kiley talks to Michigan Radio's Stateside this week about the touring company of Les Mis at The Wharton, Hello Dolly... Continue Reading

ICYMI: TheatreTalk on Michigan Radio Stateside

podcast October 23, 2019
ANN ARBOR, Mich.–In this installment of TheaterTalk, Encore Editor-in-Chief David Kiley talks to Cynthia Canty about Joe Zettelmaier Ghost Story project, an Agatha Christie classic... Continue Reading

TheaterTalkPlus Podcast: Summer Shakespeare

podcast July 20, 2019
ANN ARBOR, MI–Welcome to the TheaterTalkPlus podcast. This week we have a chat with Michigan Shakespeare Festival doyenne Janice Blixt who is the Artistic Director... Continue Reading

ICYMI: TheatreTalk with David Kiley and Cynthia Canty

podcast June 28, 2019
ANN ARBOR, Mich.–On TheaterTalk this week, David Kiley talks with Cynthia Canty on Michigan Stateside about the summer theater offerings in Saugatuck, Augusta and other... Continue Reading

TheatreTalkPlus: A conversation with Flint Repertory Theatre’s Michael Lluberes

podcast June 24, 2019
ANN ARBOR: Click play to hear the latest TheatreTalkPlus podcast. EncoreMichigan editor and publisher David Kiley discussed a few things around the Michigan theater world... Continue Reading

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