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Wilde Award winners to be announced August 18.

Wilde Awards August 09, 2019
ANN ARBOR–EncoreMichigan will post the 2019 Wilde Award winners on Sunday August 18 in a post and podcast with Encore critics discussing the winners and... Continue Reading

The 2019 Wilde Award Nominations

Wilde Awards June 15, 2019
ANN ARBOR,Mich.–EncoreMichigan announces the 2019 Wilde Award nominations for outstanding work in Michigan's professional theatre community for the 2018-19 season. The "season" began June 1,... Continue Reading

2018 Wilde Awards In Pictures

Wilde Awards September 02, 2018
All Photos by Richard Rupp Photography. Provided generously on a Volunteer Basis.   [gallery ids="9028,9027,9026,9025,9024,9023,9022,9021,9020,9019,9017,9016,9015,9014,9013,9012,9011,9010,9009,9008,9007,9006,9005,9004,9003,9002,9001,9000,8999,8998,8997,8996,8995,8994,8993,8992,8991,8990,8989,8988,8987,8986,8985,8984,8983,8982,8981,8980,8979,8978,8977,8976,8975,8974,8973,8972,8971,8969,8968,8967,8966,8965,8964,8963,8962,8961,8960,8959,8958,8957,8956,8946,8945"] Continue Reading

2018 Wilde Award Nominations Coming

Wilde Awards June 19, 2018
ANN ARBOR, MI.–The 2018 Wilde Awards will take place on August 27th at The Berman Center for Performing Arts in West Bloomfield, Michigan to honor... Continue Reading

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