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EncoreMichigan’s E-Casting service is here to serve the performer and the casting director. How many times has a casting director spent weeks searching for just the right actor to fill in an upcoming production? How many times have they settled for someone who wasn’t quite right? How many times has a performer said, “Oh, I wish I had known about that part,” or “How do I get in front of that casting director?”

Plus, we are building a list of discounts for theaters, pubs, restaurants and more for E-Casters that should more than pay for your annual fee. Click here to see the growing list.

E-Casting should, and will, solve that. To start with, E-Casting will list actors, music directors, musicians, stage managers in this searchable database. Your resume, head-shot, conflicts, experience, skills and Youtube link will be displayed. Updating your conflicts, and your acting credits throughout the year will be especially useful. Young actors between the ages of 10-18 may register for e-Casting, but the email contact must be that of a parent or guardian. EncoreMichigan will verify the registration of actors under the age of 18 by telephone with a parent or guardian.

E-Casting is open to equity and non-equity performers. There is an annual fee of $48.00, payable upon registration via the PayPal link. If you are a student in an active university program for theater/music, the fee is $35.00. [If you are a student, then register for e-casting, and instead of using PayPal link provided, go to www.paypal.com, and send $35.00 to encoremediasales@gmail.com, and put in the message field the university program in which you are enrolled. We will approve your E-Casting profile after that, and it will be active for one year]. We believe these fees will be offset two ways. First, you can save yourself the cost of expensive photo-paper for head-shots. Instead, refer casting directors to your link on www.encoremichigan.com’s E-Casting. This makes you accessible to out-of-state casting directors for both theater and film. Second, we are compiling some discounts for you at theaters, eateries/pubs and more. The list of discounts will be updated on the website throughout the year, as well as via a bi-weekly e-Casting newsletter in your email box alerting you to audition info and other professional info.

To Casting Directors: Casting directors who wish to view and download the actual resumes of our members must register. You will not be charged. But we must clear you as a legitimate casting director. This is done for the security of our members. The approval process is done very quickly. Casting directors–when you register, do not go to the Paypal link.

To Register, it’s a simple three-step process. Please read and follow directions.

  1. Fill in the fields below and click the “register” button at the bottom of the page. Upload your headshot as part of this step, but not your resume.
  2. You will receive a confirmation email. Open the email and click the link to PayPal where you will pay your $48 fee. [If you are a student and qualify for the $35 fee, then go to www.paypal.com, and send $35.00 to encoremediasales@gmail.com.
  3. Once your fee is received, EncoreMichigan will activate your E-Casting profile within 24 hours. Once you are confirmed, go back into your profile and upload your resume [this is done after you register to protect the security of the site]. Now, you can log back in whenever you want to update your E-Casting profile with new acting credits, a new headshot, conflicts, etc. If you have any problems uploading your resume, email us at encoremediasales@gmail.com, and attach your resume. We will take care of it.
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