Encore Michigan

A ‘Traviata’ to cherish

Review November 17, 2013
By Michael H. Margolin The second outing for Michigan Opera Theatre in this, the 43rd season, is the sublime "La Traviata" of Giuseppe Verdi. Pronounce... Continue Reading

The truth, the whole truth, the ugly, ugly truth – at UDM

Review November 16, 2013
By Carolyn Hayes Pick at a scab long enough, and you'll uncover the wound. "This Is How it Goes," by Neil LaBute, is no stranger... Continue Reading

Time to ‘Defend’ the caveman

Review November 15, 2013
By Dana Casadei Yesterday afternoon I got coffee with one of my best girlfriends. First thing she said, "You look cute!" We then proceeded to... Continue Reading

They’ll have you dancing all night at the Fisher

Review November 06, 2013
<HEADLINE > By Dana Casadei As the lights dimmed in The Fisher Theatre, the audience was "warned" that there would be platform boots and white... Continue Reading

Good company makes for a great ‘Visit’

Review November 02, 2013
By Carolyn Hayes Jeff Baron's distinctly self-contained "Visiting Mr. Green" tells a curious story of one relationship by showing its two characters together – and... Continue Reading

Sherlock classic comes to Broadway (Onstage, that is)

Review October 26, 2013
By Dana Casadei Within the last few years, Sherlock Holmes has been played by numerous actors on both big and little screens, some giving the... Continue Reading

Theatrical tricks sweeten a literary treat

Review October 26, 2013
By Carolyn Hayes Among the vast supernatural arsenal, it can be argued that the strongest power is that of suggestion. Unknown enemies and motives are... Continue Reading

Early Wagner opera opens MOT’s 43rd season

Review October 21, 2013
By Michael H. Margolin Richard Wagner's "The Flying Dutchman" is a problem opera with its stillborn plot and its slow first act. Still, it has... Continue Reading

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