Encore Michigan

Popcorn Falls has plenty of hope in Marine City’s Snug Theatre

Review August 20, 2017
MARINE CITY, Mich.–What can you do with a small cast, a handful of props, a small set, on a small stage and in a small... Continue Reading

Mason Street puts on fine wedding with ‘It Shoulda Been You’

Review August 20, 2017
SAUGATUCK, Mich.–Sometimes you think you know what you’re getting into only to have the show’s creators surprise you—and then surprise you again. It Shoulda Been... Continue Reading

Robin Hood steals the show at Flint Youth Theatre

Review August 20, 2017
FLINT, Mich.–When you walk into the Flint Youth Theatre to watch the current production of Robin Hood, there is a moment of confusion as the... Continue Reading

BoxFest is rocking the D at Planet Ant

Review August 19, 2017
HAMTRAMCK, Mich.–The American short play has never garnered the same position of respect as the American short story. For every acknowledged master of the short... Continue Reading

Spinning Dot pushes the envelope on what children’s theatre can be with ‘The Ogreling’

Review August 19, 2017
YPSILANTI, Mich.–Spinning Dot Theatre Company’s The Ogreling is a show for young people about an ogre, but similarities to DreamWorks Animation’s “Shrek” franchise end there.... Continue Reading

Pigeon Creek brings Bard’s ‘Cymbeline’ to storybook life

Review August 13, 2017
GRAND RAPIDS, Mich.–It’s surprising that Shakespeare’s romance Cymbeline is not done more often since its exaggerated happily-ever-after ending is so Hollywood you can almost imagine... Continue Reading

Tibbits hits an ace with ‘Fox on the Fairway’

Review August 11, 2017
COLDWATER, Mich.–It may seem like a bit of a challenge to bring the game of golf onto a stage, but Ken Ludwig and Tibbits Summer... Continue Reading

‘Newsies’ makes headlines at The Barn

Review August 11, 2017
AUGUSTA, Mich.–Like the plucky newsboys who “stopped the World” in 1899, The Barn Theatre’s energetic young company explodes off the stage and down the aisles... Continue Reading

MSF’s ‘Julius Caesar’ a taut blend of classic and modern Shakespeare

Review August 11, 2017
JACKSON, Mich.–It’s hard to imagine a Shakespeare play more timely than Julius Caesar; a play in which the central character, Brutus, struggles with his inner... Continue Reading

It’s Girl Power in ‘9 to 5’ at Encore Musical Theatre

Review August 05, 2017
DEXTER, Mich.–A sisterhood of secretaries swells to take down a sexist boss and create a more humane workplace in an entertaining, tuneful adaption of the... Continue Reading

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