Encore Michigan

Open Book’s ‘Emilie’ beautifully connects 18th century thinking to 21st century and beyond

Review January 14, 2018
TRENTON, Mich.–Leave it to playwright Lauren Gunderson to give us a story from 18th century science and philosophy to give us a story based on... Continue Reading

Compelling life lessons and laughter abound in Detroit Repertory Theatre’s ‘Dauphin Island’

Review January 13, 2018
DETROIT,Mich.–What happens when fate grabs two society-battered souls – people who can’t quite heal themselves – and drops them in a place where they must... Continue Reading

Cirque du Soleil Crystal dazzles at Little Caesars Arena this week

Review January 11, 2018
DETROIT, Mich.–Cirque du Soleil has come a long way from its origins as a troupe of street performers in the early 1980s, to wowing audiences... Continue Reading

Slipstream’s ‘Tales of The Mitten’ sends up acting in Michigan with laughter and truth

Review January 07, 2018
FERNDALE, Mich. – Slipstream Theatre Initiative has created an original, home-grown theatrical experience that explores the unique aspects of pursuing an acting career in the... Continue Reading

Ringwald’s ‘Let The Right One In’ based on Lindqvist’s original novel

Review January 07, 2018
FERNDALE, Mich.–Eli (Tiaja Sabrie), a central figure in The Ringwald Theatre’s latest production, Let the Right One In, explains in one scene that she’s not... Continue Reading

Young Fenix Theater Company does Strindberg’s ‘Ghost Sonata’

Review December 16, 2017
DETROIT — It’s hard to believe a play written in 1907 could be so outrageous. But that’s what The Ghost Sonata is, and then some.... Continue Reading

Ringwald’s ‘SantaLand Diaries’ brightens December yet again with Richard Payton

Review December 16, 2017
FERNDALE, Mich.–When Richard Payton takes The Ringwald stage, before he even says a word, he pours himself a tumbler of Tito’s vodka, sucks down a... Continue Reading

‘Finding Neverland’ flies high at Wharton Center

Review December 14, 2017
EAST LANSING, Mich.–There are stories and then there are the stories about our stories. Finding Neverland is the latter–the story of how “Peter Pan” came... Continue Reading

What A Do’s ‘Miracle Worker’ is a great story for a miracle month

Review December 12, 2017
SPRINGFIELD, Mich.–There are many kinds of miracles. Of course, there is the Christmas miracle that Christians celebrate this month. And perhaps connected to faith in... Continue Reading

Great Escape does Truman Capote’s ‘A Christmas Memory’ proud

Review December 09, 2017
MARSHALL,Mich.–Artistic Director Randy Lake described the musical A Christmas Memory as “a gentle story of kind people in a simpler time” Friday night at Great... Continue Reading

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