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The 2019 Wilde Award Nominations Podcast

podcastTheater Talk June 15, 2019

ANN ARBOR, Mich.–The 2019 Wilde Award nominations are being announced today on the TheatreTalkPlus podcast. The official post will go up on the website tomorrow.

EncoreMichigan decided to announce the nominations first on the podcast to call attention to the new podcast, as well as to spotlight the final 24 hours of our $5 and $10 campaign. EncoreMichigan is holding its annual appeal to raise funds to cover our costs, which range from our weekly newsletter (Constant Contact costs), critic stipends, our admin who does a lot of the show posts, press release posting and site maintenance.

You can send your support via paypal to encorepress@gmail.com or to our GoFundMe page.

EncoreMichigan’s team reviewed more than 220 show openings this past season. That’s a lot of shows, gas, time, and no one else does it. Thank you all for your help and support…and for your dedication to the craft.

It was a fabulous year. Choosing nominations is brutal every year because you are all so fabulous. But we feel it is important to honor and celebrate your work and dedication. So, here goes………Click PLAY below.

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